Upcycling / Recycling / Remodelling Jewellery

I am able to remodel, upcycle, repurpose your old wedding rings and sentimental jewellery to create one of my unique, contemporary and bespoke jewellery designs.This process is sometimes called re-working, reworking, recycling or reusing jewellery too!

Interested? Just contact me and tell me the designs you like from my contemporary jewellery collections and include some images of your rings / Jewellery from various angles and we can take it from there! Sue x.

General remodelling jewellery information:

  • Please note that I am not able to resize, reset, adjust or change stones in your own existing jewellery. Upcycling is about using your own stones and/or metal and using them to create new pieces of my work. I will not copy other makers/designers jewellery.Thank you!
  • Unfortunately, I’m no longer able to work with clients who have a postal address outside of the UK due to delivery and insurance reasons – so sorry!

Remodelling jewellery - example 86

Re-working, repurposing, remodelling jewellery

My client had her late husbands wedding ring, her engagement ring and wedding ring that she wanted brought together to make one new ring that encompassed all the elements, including a pair of diamonds from her wedding day earrings. She was able to visit the studio with her mum to chat through options and view some finished pieces. I was delighted after she emailed images of her wearing the ring.

Hi Sue
My ring arrived it’s absolutely stunning and I could not be more thrilled!! Thank you so much. This will be loved forever. Kindest regards, JH (26/02/2024)

Re-working / repurposing jewellery - example 85

Remodelling jewellery into rings or earrings

My client had several very sentimental pieces of jewellery that she wanted made into a ring and some earrings. We met in London, chatted about options, and then I put together some designs which I thought would work really nicely. Luckily, she did too and was delighted with the finished pieces.

Dear Sue,
The jewellery arrived safe and sound in their beautiful packaging. Glorious. Admired by 3 girlfriends. A very happy customer. SS (22/02/2024)

Jewellery remodelling / upcycling - example 84

Remodelled emerald diamond ring, wedding band and pendant

My client wanted to remodel her gold band, emerald and diamond ring and diamond pendant. She loved my emerald pear shaped ring on my website and wondered if I could make a similar version using her emerald, diamond and yellow gold.

Hi Sue,
I received the rings last week and I am delighted with them they are perfect! Thank you so very much 😊. Regards, AM (06/02/2024)

Remodel / recycle engagement and wedding ring - example 83

Remodel or recycle engagement and wedding ring

My client wanted to replace her much loved wedding and engagement ring with a more contemporary stacking ringset, and to include platinum as after 33 years of wearing it she seemed to become allergic to yellow gold. I designed a platinum three band stacking ringset included new platinum and pear shaped sapphire after she saw and fell in love with my two banded ring which she tried it at Goldsmiths Fair.

Dear Sue,
I am absolutely thrilled with the rings. They are beautiful and it is so nice to still have parts of my original rings included. I am so pleased and thanks for all your help and skill they are perfect. Warm wishes, LG (22/11/2023)

Reusing old jewellery - remodelling example 82

Reusing old jewellery and recycling vintage jewellery remodelling

My client got in touch with me to make a special ring for a big birthday. She had a ring which she didn’t like but really loved the sapphire and wanted to include that into the new design. After trying some styles in the studio she fell in love with the Russian style linked ring which I incorporated with her beautiful sapphire and included her gold to make the setting.

Hi Sue,
I have the ring!!! Thank you so much, it is brilliant. I love that it contains my old sapphire ring which has good memories attached to it, but now in a contemporary design I will wear every day. This ring is so much more ‘me’. In a world dominated by mass production it is special to have something so unique and personal. Take good care of yourself and continue delighting people with the beautiful things you design and create. Thank you. CC (07/10/2023)

Jewellery remodelling using wedding ring - example 81

Recycling, remodelling wedding ring into necklace using your own jewellery

My client contacted me regarding his father-in-laws wedding ring that he wanted remodelled into something special for his wife. We came up with this necklace, based on my two band pendant, which incorporated new silver and a new chain. I was able to make it in time for him to present it to his wife as a gift on her fathers birthday.

Hi Sue,
My wife really loves the necklace, thank you so much for all your help! MC (02/09/2023)

Jewellery remodelling - example 80

Remodelling wedding and engagement rings into a new ring - Sue Lane

My client had to have her original wedding and engagement rings removed due to surgery and she was sad that she couldn't wear them again. She wanted to remodel them into one ring that she could wear everyday and if it moved around on her finger, due to her swollen knuckles, it wouldn't impact the design. She was delighted with the result.

Hi Sue,
After having to have my rather tight wedding rings removed due to major surgery back in February, I realised that once off, they were never going to go back on again. My recovery was slow and painful, but it gave me the opportunity to find Sue via an internet search, and what a lucky find she was. Sue was not close enough by location for me to be able to pop by, so my entire transaction was carried out via FaceTime and post. I was obviously anxious about parting with my treasured rings, sending them to a stranger, but I worried for nothing. From the first phone call, to the last, Sue was incredible. I had read her previous reviews, but you never know, until you get going with something like this yourself, how things are going to work out. My ring finger knuckle had changed so much due to rheumatoid arthritis, that it had increased in size from an L to P. Sue was both informative and helpful getting the size right, with two different samples for size being tried. I can’t tell you how delighted I am with the result. I cried when I opened the beautiful packaging to see the ring shining there, looking better than I ever thought possible. I could still see memories of the ring placed on my finger when I said I do, and now also a piece of jewellery unique to me/us as a married couple.
Sue, from the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough. D&P (27/07/2023)

Up-cycling / recycling / re-working jewellery - example 79

Jewellery remodelling near me - Up-cycling / recycling / re-working / remodelling jewellery

My client wanted to remodel a large dress ring that belonged to her mother into something wearable for her daughter who was getting married. Her daughter wished to wear the pieces at her wedding. The pieces had to be wearable and fit in with her busy lifestyle. We decided on a pair of simple stud earrings and a simple band with large rubover setting for the sapphire. Both mother and daughter wear thrilled with the outcome.

Dear Sue,
The ring (and leftover diamonds) have just arrived. It’s beautiful, thank you. A lovely smooth setting for the stone and I particularly like the two colours of gold together...Very many thanks to you! Best wishes, AB

Jewellery remodelling / re-working - example 78

Reusing diamond / gemstones from ring and necklace to remodel / recycle into a new ring

My client wanted to remodel her existing engagement ring, wedding ring and diamond necklace into a new dress ring as she was unable to wear them due to being involved in an accident. She decided to have them remade into a new ring using the lovely diamonds.

Hi Sue,
Have just received my ring and the image does not do it justice, one word FABULOUS and I am very pleased with the result. As I do not have an imagination I am stunned at what you have created. My whole experience with you from start to finish has been a dream. Your are very talented and unique. Thank you again x CK

Up-cycling / recycling / re-working jewellery - example 77

I am able to remodel, upcycle, repurpose and re-work your old jewellery into a bespoke ring

My client found me online and called to arrange a visit to my studio. She wanted me to rework her original wedding and engagement rings which no longer fit her and had worn quite thin with years of wear. She wanted to turn her old jewellery into one of my double banded rings, making sure I used all five tear shaped sapphires and 12 diamonds from her engagement ring. She was really delighted with the final piece.

Dear Sue,
I LOVE my rings - they are just fab! I've been wearing them almost every day, either singly or together. It's so much better than thinking about them in the back of a drawer. They are much admired by friends, so you may be contacted by others from this neck of the woods! Thanks again, RP

Remodelling jewellery - Example 76

Ring remodelling using your own jewellery - including diamonds rubies and gold.

I've made rings prior to this one for my client, so it was wonderful that she came back to me for a new ring using some of her pieces of jewellery. Using her own stones and gold, I made a design based on this pink sapphire and diamond ring which she really loved.

Hi Sue,
I almost fell out of bed when there was a knock on the door this morning! Well, I knew I would be, but I'm delighted with the ring – gosh, it's a statement piece, isn't it? I truly am over the moon with the results and can't wait to show it off! With my very best wishes, PM (17/06/2022)

Jewellery remodelling / reusing - Example 75

Jewellery remodelling examples - repurposing old rings into new with Sue Lane

My clients got in touch as they wanted a special celebratory ring for their silver wedding anniversary. She said she would love a ring (or set of stacking/interchangeable rings) that incorporates her wedding and engagement rings, along with silver and maybe stones from other family rings. The new ring works so nicely.

Hi Sue,
My ring has arrived, beautifully packaged which added to my anticipation. It couldn't be more perfect, it is a lovely combination of my wedding and engagement rings, set in silver as we celebrate our silver wedding on the 21st June. We are both delighted with your how it looks and fits. It has been such a wonderful experience, creating such a special, memorable piece of jewellery with you. I shall wear it with pride. Thank you so much for your design, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. Best wishes, J&J (16/06/2022)

Jewellery Remodelling - Example 74

Jewellery remodelling / reworking / remaking / reusing / recycling with Sue Lane

My client had some beautiful pieces of jewellery, however now divorced she wanted to the rework them into beautiful new pieces that reflects her new life. She new she wanted modern designs with clean square edges, and she was delighted to receive her two new rings which she can enjoy for years to come.

I have just returned from collecting my new rings from the Post Office. They are stunning, beautiful and far better than my expectations when I set out to get them remodelled... Take care and have a lovely weekend. Many, many thanks, KM (29/04/2022)

Remodelling Jewellery - Example 73

Jewellery remodelling example reusing / recycling your own jewellery.

My client approached me through my website will some sentimental pieces of jewellery and asked me to come up with two rings that she could wear everyday. After chatting more in detail I came up with the two designs (top) using her jewellery (three images bottom).

Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for your skill and hard work in transforming my collection of pieces into 2 completely wonderful, wearable rings. You managed to complete the work just before Christmas so it was the icing on the cake as it was my present to me ❤️ I have had many complements and requests for referral information so I think that speaks volumes as to the quality and individuality of the rings. A million thanks to my jewellery Mrs Santa Claus. Take care xx CP (12/04/22)

Recycling / Reusing / Remodelling Jewellery - Example 72

Remodelling jewellery (upcycling, reusing, recycling) Sue Lane

My client believed a brooch pin she had been left had very little value but wanted to find out if I could work it into my of my designs as a gift for her daughter. On closer inspection, I could see it contained a beautiful old diamond, that worked so nicely with my contemporary necklace design.

Hi Sue,
Many thanks for the absolutely fantastic necklace. I love it ! KW&PJ

Recycling / Reusing / Repurposing Jewellery - Example 71

Recycling, reusing, repurposing, remodelling jewellery with Sue Lane

After chatting to my client several times through Zoom we came up with a remodelled ring design that worked perfectly for her and her lifestyle. She loved one ring in particular, that she wanted to try and echo in her ring, bearing in mind her diamond were much larger. Taking the time to be 100% sure the fit was perfect, and thankfully she loved it! 

Hi Sue,
Wow wow wow my ring has arrived it's absolutely beautiful I love it, it made me cry. What a skill to make such a beautiful thing, you're so clever. Thank you so very much it will be worn with pride. Thank you too for the valuation, but it's already priceless, it means so much to have my wedding & engagement rings back on my finger cannot wait to show it off. DM

Recycling / Reusing / repurposing Jewellery - Example 70

Bespoke handmade ring remodelling / up cycling with Sue Lane in Herefordshire.

I really enjoyed chatting to my client through Zoom during lockdown about how she wanted her special pieces of jewellery brought back to life and reworked into a ring she could wear everyday and enjoy. The lovely heavy weight two band design was a perfect solution for her.

Hi Sue,
I'm not sure I can find the right words to do my feelings justice. I absolutely adore the ring, it is perfect. It's just what I wanted.  Your service from start to end (the packaging is incredible) has been amazing. Thank you. This is an incredibly special piece of jewellery for me and I thank you for creating it. SP

Upcycling / Recycling / Remodelling Jewellery - Example 69

Upcycling / Recycling / Remodelling Jewellery With Sue Lane

My client asked me to work with the diamond from her worn and tired engagement ring, to create a delicate but strong wedding and engagement ringset that sat snugly together. After spotting my gold, platinum and diamond ring online, she new this was the style she wanted. Adjusting the metal and weight to suit her, I came up with the combination that answered all my clients requests.

Hi Sue,
I have my rings on and I absolutely LOVE them! Just WOW! Thank you so much, the design is simple and classic and so effective. The fit is great too! Thank you, I couldn't have asked for more! x SL

Remodelling jewellery - example 68

Recycling, remaking, upcycling, remodelling jewellery before and after.

My client's ruby wedding anniversary was approaching along with her 60th birthday, and she wanted to mark the occasion with a modern bespoke ring but using her existing wedding band. She had been thinking about re-working the ring for many years, but just hadn't found the right design until she saw my silver, gold and diamond - so it was vital I made it perfect for her. Luckily she was delighted.

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to confirm that my ring arrived safely and it's gorgeous, I can't wait to start wearing it! JB

Upcycling jewellery - example 67

Repurposing engagement and wedding rings into remodelled ring

I met my clients many years ago when they visited the studio to make their wedding rings with me. Many years later I was delighted to hear from them again when they asked me to make a ring that combined that rose gold wedding ring and her diamond engagement ring to make one of two band linked rings

Hi Sue,
It's arrived safely and I absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much. GR

Recycling jewellery - example 66

Turing your old jewellery into something new.

I was asked by one of my local clients to make a new eternity ring for her to celebrate her 60th birthday during lockdown, when all other plans had to be cancelled. In a small window when restrictions allowed she visited the studio and tried a selection of rings. We came up with a design that worked incorporating diamonds from an old family ring. It was also vital that the new ring sat perfectly with her existing engagement ring, and most importantly, it could be delivered in time for her birthday!

Hi Sue,
Love my ring Sue, thank you, you are so clever, I can't stop looking at it! DD

Remodelling jewellery - example 65

Upcycling, Remodelling, Reusing, Repurposing Old Jewellery (Rings, Necklace, Earrings)

My client asked me to incorporate three very sentimental rings, all belonging to her family into one modern ring to celebrate her 50th birthday, which she could wear everyday.

Hi Sue,
Thank you so much. I'm so happy with it - just beautiful. I feel like I have the people I love with me at all times. Thanks again, AL

Upcycling / reusing / remodelling jewellery - example 64

Repurposing and upcycling remodelling or reusing jewellery - Sue Lane

My client asked me to work with two sapphires that she had kept in a drawer for many years, occasionally taking them out and wondering what to do with them. After approaching several jewellers over the years, nothing seemed to achieve what she hoped for. After a chat on the phone, and some sketches later, I came up with a design. She told me she wanted to wear the ring with an existing eternity band, so she sent it to me with the stones to ensure the ringset work together.

Hi Sue,
The rings arrived and I totally love them, thank you so much! My husband has whisked them away until Christmas but I can't wait to wear them. A bit of sparkle in these grim times. Thanks again for turning a couple of dirty stones picked up in Thailand 30 years ago into something wonderful! SB

Upcycling / recycling / remodelling jewellery - example 63

Upcycling, remodelling, reusing my Jewellery (rings, necklaces, earrings) with Sue Lane

My client asked me to work with her very sentimental 22ct gold wedding and engagement ring, while incorporating new platinum and diamonds to create a bespoke modern design that still holds all the sentiment, but bring new life to it to.

Hi Sue,
My ring arrived this morning, I'm so pleased with it, and it fits perfectly, Thank you so much, x. JP

Recycling / Reusing / repurposing Jewellery - example 62

Redesign engagement ring - remodelling precious jewellery.
Jewellery remodelling / recycling / reusing
Redesign engagement ring - remodelling - before

I had the pleasure of meeting my clients in my studio and chatting about how I could use her mum's rings, which are very sentimental but outdated, to create new rings that she could wear everyday. The first two rings (out of three new ones planned) arrived recently and she loved them.

Good morning Sue,
My rings arrived on Wednesday whilst working so I waited until yesterday as I wanted to enjoy looking at them without having to answer emails and phone calls also I was pretty nervous to open them in case they didn’t fit or some other reason. Anyway I sat down yesterday and I am pleased to say I was not disappointed they fit perfectly wore the silver one for just a few minutes but left the gold and silver band one on for the rest of the day it was like it was always mine and feels so comfortable they truly are incredible and I want to say a big thank you to you.
You really are very talented turning something that was very old fashioned and dated in to a beautiful modern contemporary design ring, I am looking forward to my other ring in due course.
Thanks again one happy customer. xx AB

Recycling wedding and engagement rings - example 61

Remodelling jewellery - reusing and recycling old rings.

I have known my client for many years and I welcomed the opportunity to make pieces for her. She came to me with a ring she loved but no longer wore, and clear ideas about how she wanted to bring them to life inspired by many hours choosing elements she loved from my website. I was so happy with the results and to hear her feelings once the parcel arrived.

Good morning Sue,
Well, the package has arrived! They are all simply exquisite. The ring set is sitting beautifully and is just so mesmerising, Sue. ...I cannot takes my eyes off it! The earrings and necklace are glorious and have worked so fabulously. PB

Recycling / Upcycling / Remodelling Jewellery - example 60

Jewellery remodelling / recycling / upcycling / reusing old jewellery - after image, re-work wedding ring.

I met my clients at The Goldsmiths' Centre in London to chat through their thoughts about re-working her much loved but impractical wedding and engagement ring. After trying some samples we came up with a solution that will become a future timeless classic.

Hi Sue,
It arrived safely this morning...just as I was going out to get my nails done! Thank you so much it is absolutely beautiful, just as I imagined it. You really are so talented and have been so lovely to deal with throughout. Thanks again! L&S

Upcycling / Repurpose / Remodelling Jewellery - example 59

Re-work wedding ring, repurpose jewellery, reusing old gold - Jewellery remodelling / recycling / upcycling / reusing old jewellery example 59.

I made a set of three individual rings for my client, after meeting her in my studio so she could try on lots of different designs. This is one of the ring using her own emerald and gold, while adding in new silver.

The rings have arrived 😊
Thank you so much. They are beautiful and all fit perfectly. It is just lovely that you have created something so beautiful using some of Mums jewellery that otherwise would have gone unworn. AH.

Jewellery remodelling / re-working rings - example 58

Remodelling / re-working old jewellery into something new - upcycling, reusing rings.

My client asked me to work with her own diamonds to create a bold, heavy weight dress ring, that wasn't too sparkly and didn't look like a wedding or engagement ring. I incorporated some engraving to reduce the sparkle, but create interest. I was so pleased she liked it.

Hi Sue,
Just to say my ring has been safely received and it is indeed beautiful, thank you so much...I will enjoy wearing the ring and I intend to wear it everyday...It is really beautiful and a testament clearly to your skill, thank you again. Have a wonderful Christmas. LB.

Jewellery remodelling / upcycling - example 57

Remodelling, upcycling, re-using jewellery using my own rings.
Remodelling, upcycling, re-using jewellery using my own rings - before image.

My client asked me to work my magic on two rings his wife no longer could wear. The rings were platinum which makes it very much harder and more complex, but I came up with a solution and design that worked so well for him and his wife! I love this design too.

Hi Sue,
The ring is wonderful and my wife loves it. It really is special and you have done a great job reusing the old rings. She really is over the moon! MH.

Remodelling rings - example 56

Remodelling, upcycling, re-using jewellery using my own rings.

This was a first for me, but fun too. I made my clients wedding and engagement ring around 5 years ago. Since then, she has broken her hand and her knuckles have swelled which concluded with her not being able to wear her wedding ring. If I made it larger it would just twirl around too much. She came down to my studio and we experimented with various options and sizings to check if a new ring would work well. The solution was to separate the ring, placing the diamond on a new single band, which allowed her to slip each ring on individually and the width of the three rings holds them in place.

Dear Sue,
The rings arrived today and I am absolutely delighted with them! They fit perfectly, and I just love the style and weight of the new diamond ring which has not moved one bit since I put it on! It was great to meet you and your husband and it was great to discuss the redesign with you in person. You have a lovely studio in a gorgeous part of the country!
All best wishes and thanks again, CK.

Upcycling a pendant - remodelling example 55

My clients asked me to remodel a pendant similar to one she liked on my website from her husband's 18ct gold wedding rings, which were too small for him after being worn for 50 years. The necklace was a lovely way to celebrate her 70th birthday.

Remodelling ring into a pendant using your own gold and diamonds.

Remodelling jewellery, necklace using your own gold and diamonds - before image.
Hi Sue,
I was really surprised and delighted to receive my pendant on Saturday morning. It is beautiful and I am so happy with it, it is exactly as you described it would be, I can't wait to wear it on my birthday. Thank you for all your skill and care in ensuring everything was right. I will not hesitate to recommend you, I thought the distance would add difficulties but your prompt correspondence and mail delivery proved me wrong!
With my sincere best wishes, PM.

Recycling a necklace - remodelling example 54

My clients visited the studio with their very sentimental family jewellery. I showed them my current collection of jewellery and came up with a set of four designs that would work well with their metal and materials. They loved all the options. Here's one of my favourites.

Remodelling jewellery, necklace using your own gold and diamonds.
Hi Sue,
All safely arrived and absolutely beautiful ... Thank you so much, really special pieces. Best wishes, JR.

Reusing / recycling / remodelling old jewellery example 53

My client wanted her Grandma's wedding ring to become part of her own wedding ring, and loved one of my designs she spotted online. Combining new silver and using her own 22ct gold I made this beautiful wedding ring. I also made a ring for her husband to be, reflecting her own design with a simple but co-ordinating wedding band. The second image shows the original ring.

Reusing precious metal / upcycling / repurpose / reuse sentimental rings
Original ring
Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for our wedding rings they are perfect – they are just what we wanted. SR. 

Jewellery remodelling / upcycling example 52

My client had two rings inherited from her mother and wanted to enjoy them everyday. We came up with a design using two silver band, and the gold and stones to make one contemporary ring. The original rings are shown in the third image below.

Ring remodelling recycling repurposing reusing example 2
Ring remodelling recycling repurposing reusing example 1
Old unloved rings before being remodelled
Morning Sue,
Have received the ring ... it’s beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you so much. Just lovely to have this gorgeous ring reusing mum's jewellery.
Kind Regards, JH

Jewellery remodelling / reusing example 51

I had the pleasure of working with Julie to make this bespoke ring, using her own very sentimental stones. She spotted one of my designs online and visited my jewellery studio to check she loved it "in person" too, which she did, and felt it was even more beautiful that than the images online. To her surprise I worked secretly with her husband at the same time to work with the beautiful pear topaz which they both had such attachment too, to make a one of a kind necklace. The third image shows the original ring.

Ring Upcycling / Recycling / Remodelling - Sue Lane.
Upcycling / recycling / remodelling necklace
Remodelling jewellery before.
Thank you so much for my absolutely stunning ring and necklace! From the moment we met I knew that my precious ring remodel was in the safest and most skilled of hands! You have created the most beautiful ring and necklace I could have ever imagined and I am completely overjoyed, thank you! It has been such a pleasure to meet you and the service you have offered me has been exceptional in every way. I feel very privileged to be wearing your wonderful creations! JS.

Jewellery remodelling / upcycling example 50

My client visited my studio to chat about some options for working with her mums rings and making something modern she could wear everyday. This is one of the rings I made (top image below), reworking the platinum into two flat shape bands, and then using the gold and diamonds from her mums ring to make a two band linked ring.

Jewellery remodelling / recycling / reusing / sentimental old jewellery
Remodelling jewellery - before.

Thank you so much! I have one on each hand now and don't want to take them off !!!! They feel lovely, don't think I've ever had such lovely jewellery !!
Thank you so so much. JP

Jewellery remodelling / recycling example 49

My client asked me to work with her sentimental jewellery (second image below) and add in something new to make a stacking ringset. I made a lovely heavyweight wide ring using the gold and set all the diamonds into the band, saving one diamond to sit alongside a new pear shape aquamarine on a simple round shape band.

Remodelling, recycling and upcycling rings and other jewellery
Remodelling jewellery - before

Oh Sue, you really are amazing!!
Can't thank you enough for making my old jewellery into something so beautiful. The rings I've received are absolutely stunning!! JW

Jewellery remodelling / upcycling example 48

I met my client and her daughter in London where we chatted over coffee about how we could use her very late mum's rings (bottom image) which held so much meaning to her. We came up with a set of 5 rings that used all the metal, diamonds and stones. It was important all five rings sat well together and could be mixed and matched, which they did perfectly. There are just so many combinations, and I loved to be able to bring life back to the rings for her.

Remodel, upcycle old wedding rings sentimental jewellery. Create new bespoke pieces in Sue's unique designs. Also called re-working, reworking or recycling.
Jewellery remodelling reworking upcycling recycling online
Bringing old jewellery back to life, remodelling wedding and engagement rings.
Happy tears!!!
Just sat in garden and had most beautiful package delivered....
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! They are absolutely stunning, fit beautifully and look so nice on my hand.... you are an amazing artisan Sue... AE

Turn your old jewellery into something new - example 47

My client inherited a signet ring with a little diamond from her mum, so she decided to add in a little of her own gold to make a simple modern ring she could wear everyday and think of her mum. We added two new little diamonds either side, which looked really beautiful.

Remodelling, upcycling and recycling jewellery - rings, brooch, necklaces and earrings.
Remodel or upcycle your old inherited wedding rings and sentimental jewellery
Oh my goodness what a fantastic ring you've made for me. I will treasure it and wear it forever. A beautiful memory for me... Many thanks again Sue, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and your huge talent.
Best Regards YC

Jewellery remodelling example 46

My client visited my studio and we chatted about some options for her beautiful inherited ring (second image below) and brooch that she just didn't wear, but would love to enjoy everyday. A stacking platinum ringset was created using the main stone from her original ring which is a beautiful old cut diamond. The design also incorporated a beautiful emerald and small diamonds too from the brooch. It's such a lovely chunky design, with such stunning stones.

Jewellery remodelling near me
Sue is able to remodel or upcycle your old wedding rings and sentimental jewellery and create new pieces of bespoke jewellery
Dear Sue,
I was so thrilled to receive my rings! They are really beautiful and I will take great pleasure in wearing them. They arrived in time for my birthday so it was a huge treat.  Thank you again. AB

Jewellery remodelling / reworking example 45

My client and her twin sister were left their late grandmothers wedding ring, a beautiful 22ct gold band. They asked me to come up with two designs for rings that could split the band in half and incorporate silver to make two different but co-ordinating designs. The rings were a lovely way to celebrate their birthday. I loved the colour combination of polished 22ct gold and matt silver.

Remodelling reworking old jewellery new design
Hi sue,
My husband just collected the rings from the post office! They are absolutely beautiful! I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am and how special it feels to be able to wear my grans ring. She would have been so happy with what you’ve done!
Thanks again! You're an absolute star! KW

Jewellery remodelling example 44

My client wanted to bring her late mums rings (bottom image below) back to like so she could wear them everyday. I made a set of three stacking rings that mean all three rings can be worn together or separately. It was a joy to work with such beautiful old cut diamonds.

Remodelling jewellery example 44
Remodelling old jewellery into something new.
Hi Sue,
I received the rings today and I love them. They fit perfectly, thank you so much for everything. I will be showing them off to everyone. NG

Jewellery remodelling example 43

My client got in touch after seeing other examples of my remodelled rings. She sent me a selection of very sentimental jewellery and asked for a set of stacking rings made with her own gold and stones and adding in some new silver. I made a set of 4 rings that have so many options for wearing together or singularly.

Examples of Sue Lane's remodelled reworked engagement wedding eternity rings
Yes the rings have arrived I so love them the weight the style setting of the sapphires the diamonds in the band wow and the brushed gold and silver and the fact they are incorporating 3 generations of the Slater family is so special. Love the box you sent them in and your cards ... you are a true professional many many thanks from the bottom of my heart. My family loves them and my daughter who wouldn't of worn the old rings now loves these!!!! JS

Ring remodelling example 42

To celebrate her 50th birthday, my client wanted to up cycle his wifes' grandmother's amethyst and diamond ring into a modern contemporary design. I made this two band ring, linked together with the diamonds in the second band. Unfortunately I don't have a photograph the original ring, but it was a well worn and loved traditional design. I loved the yellow gold and amethyst together.

Reworking a traditional ring into remodelled, redesigned, worked contemporary ring.
Hi Sue,
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the fantastic job you've done bringing my nan's old ring up to date, it looks truly amazing and I'm so pleased with the result. I wont hesitate to recommend you to friends and family. Thanks again. AB

Jewellery remodelling near me -  example 41

My client could no longer wear her much loved rings on her left hand and wanted to be able to wear the gold again on her right hand. I recast the gold and made a simple flat band to fit, which will be an all time classic that can be worn and enjoyed everyday.

Turn old jewellery into something new, remodel, upcycle wedding engagement ring

Hi Sue, I have received my beautiful ring and it is breathtakingly gorgeous and I must thank you so very much indeed for helping me and creating it so well. I should also like to add that your packaging of the parcel was wonderful and I am absolutely delighted with all aspects of the service you give your clients and I should like to wish you well with your business in the future. HB 

Jewellery remodelling example 40

My client spotted my website and found that she lived just a couple of miles away. She visited me, and we secretly planned a new wedding for her husband made with sentimental family gold that had been in a drawer for many years. They came to collect the ring together with her husband having no idea what or where he was going. It was so lovely to be part of the moment she explained the secret and he tried the ring for the first time. 

Making new gold wedding ring from old jewellery - remodelled, reworked.

Making a new wedding ring from old gold ring. The jewellery remodelling process.

Hi Sue,
I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work you carried out on Trev's ring. He was absolutely stunned, and could not believe that that you had managed to produce such a lovely ring, from well used but very sentimental pieces. He intends to wear it for most, if not all of the time.
Again, thank you so much. I am so grateful.
My very best wishes. AF 

Jewellery recycling example 39

I met my client as Goldsmiths' Fair and chatted about working with her own diamond. A few weeks later she found out she was the lucky winner of the Goldsmiths' Fair prize draw, and decide to put the prize towards a one off commission using her own diamonds. We came up with a chunky design with the rings in silver and gold and then the two diamonds and sapphire were set in 18ct yellow gold. It was such a pleasure to work with this client who was very trusting in my option for the correct design. 

Remodel upcycle old wedding rings sentimental jewellery

Remodel, remodelling or upcycle your old wedding engagement rings

I've just picked up my ring from the Post Office. I absolutely love it! I'm wearing it now and can't stop looking at it. You are a very talented lady. Thank you and best wishes. SE

Jewellery upcycling example 38

I was asked by by client to work with her diamonds and incorporate them into one of my modern contemporary silver and diamond necklace. The setting is 18ct yellow gold, and I created a new 18ct white gold necklace to work with the dimensions of the square diamond. I gave the necklace a polished finish, which my client loved.

Sue is able to remodel or upcycle your old wedding or engagement rings


Just to say that the necklace has arrived safe and sound. And I think it is amazing. As my mum said such a better use of something beautiful than sitting for years in a jewellery box. I love it. Thank you. SB

Jewellery remodelling example 37

I worked closely with my client to get the shape of the new gold band just perfect, and the layout out of her own sentimental diamonds in a random scatter just as she wanted and worked with the portions of the band and diamonds too. I love how this ring remodelling worked out.

Remodelling re-modelling recycling reworking jewellery ring Sue Lane

Remodelling re-modelling recycling reworking jewellery ring Sue Lane before


Just wanted to let you know, my ring arrived safely today. I'm absolutely thrilled with it. It's so special that it has a real story for me with diamonds from pieces I had stopped wearing, but that had strong sentimental value.

I appreciate your patience with me to get it just right.

Thank you so much. I will recommend you without hesitation. LP-G

Remodelling jewellery example 36

I used my clients sentimental gold ring left to her by her mum melting it down to remodel into two bands and the loop, setting her own old cut diamonds into the loop, and adding a new white gold band in the centre.

Jewellery remodelling recycling reworking Sue Lane

Jewellery remodelling recycling reworking Sue Lane

Oh my goodness - it looks even better in real life!!
Its better than i ever imagined.
Thanks so much for creating a new family heirloom!


Remodelling jewellery example 35

Rework re work re-work recycle contemporary wedding and engagement rings and unique jewellery

A much loved, but very well worn ring needed bringing back to life. Based on my silver, 18ct gold and diamond ring. I made two new white gold bands and used the yellow gold to make the setting and re set the centre diamond. The two smaller diamonds make perfect little studs. 

Hi Sue, my ring and earrings arrived today, they are really beautiful, thank you.The ring fits perfectly.I am very happy! You've turned something that was sitting unused, into jewellery I will wear all the time.I'm sure I'll be back! CM

Remodelling jewellery example 34

Rework re work re-work recycle contemporary wedding and engagement rings and unique jewellery

Another very sentimental project, using my clients wonderful emerald and diamond ring (left) that belonged to her mum. Using all the gold, the diamonds and the emeralds, I created a stunning stacking ring set, that can be worn in so many different combinations (centre and right).

Just received the rings Sue !
I love the combinations they create ! They take my breath away !
You are amazing & I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Once again with love from a very overwhelmed Sue. SW

Remodelling jewellery example 33

Remodelled reworked gold and diamond ring into modern stacking ringset

My client asked for a two band stacking ring set using her own her stones, and left the rest to me. We decided to have one square and one D shape band using the gold from here own rings, and then we decided on keeping the colours really simple and just using the two old cut diamonds. I used 18ct white gold for the settings.

I received the rings today and really love them - thank you, you have created something much more wearable and 'me' and nice to have given new life to the rings! Thank you so much, I am really happy and my mum thinks they look great too. MB

Remodelling jewellery example 32

Remodelled / upcycled / recycled / reworked bespoke sapphire and diamond ring by Sue Lane

My clients asked me to reused the stones from her much loved family ring (top left) to a modern design that she could use every date. I designed and made this bespoke two band ring with the diamond set around the small band and the sapphire in a new silver setting.

Hi Sue. The ring has arrived safely and is truly lovely, it has surpassed my expectations and some! Perfect fit too. Thank you so much. BM

Remodelling jewellery example 31 

Re-purpose, re-configure, Remodelled sentimental sapphire and diamond ring into a modern bespoke ring by Sue Lane. Rework re work re-work recycle jewellery

I was so delighted to be to make this ring for a client, as I knew the original sapphire ring (above left) was so sentimental to her. We chatted and came up with this bespoke design based on one of my commissions she spotted further down on this page. I used the gold and sapphire, as added two new silver bands to make a beautiful contemporary sapphire ring she can wear everyday and cherish.

Thank you so so much for the beautiful job of remodeling my Mum's ring. I am ecstatic to say the least. It is stunning & the fit is perfect. I feel very privileged to be able to wear such a lovely item of jewellery, made by such a talented designer! Thank you. SW

Remodelling jewellery example 30

Up cycled remodelled reworked bespoke wedding and eternity ring made into a new one off necklace by Sue Lane. Re work, re-work jewellery

I was asked to work with my clients wedding and eternity ring (above left) to make a bespoke necklace that used all the gold and diamonds but still maintained the feel of the original rings. I based the design on one of my classic pieces from my necklace collection

Hi Sue,

Just picked up my necklace, it’s perfect. I'm absolutely delighted with it and wearing it already. What a beautiful piece of art you’ve created.
Thank you so much! JM

Remodelling jewellery example 29

Remodelled, reworked, revamped bespoke wedding rings into contemporary and modern ring by Sue Lane.

I upcycled my clients sentimental rings which were too small and uncomfortable, and included her husbands wedding ring into the mix too, to make one ring based on one of my classic ring designs

Hi Sue, I have received my ring and I love it.  I couldn’t be more thrilled. Thank you so much. CG

Remodelling jewellery example 28

Re-purpose, re-configure, remodelled and upcylced bespoke gold and diamond ring into earrings re work re-work by Sue Lane

I was asked by my client to remodel her old engagement ring (left) and turn it into something new, bespoke, modern and clean that she could wear everyday. The two little diamonds were used to make tiny stud earrings that my client gave to her mum. Such a lovely project to work on!

Thank you so much Sue! My ring fits perfect!!!

I gave my mum the earrings and she couldn’t believe it, she loves them and put them on straIght away. I am so so grateful, and it means such a lot to give these pieces new life for me. You really are a master of your skill. VR

Remodelling jewellery example 27

Remodelled, up cycled, reworked two tone tanzanite and sapphire bespoke ringset made from vintage jewellery

I used my clients central tanzanite stone and little diamonds and re-worked the gold to make of one unique bespoke two band ring.

I have just received my rings and I am beyond happy with them! You have transformed my rings into a piece which is both stunning and has sentimental value! JL

Remodelling jewellery example 26

Remodelled 22ct gold wedding ring to make modern two band stacking bespoke ring with pink sapphire

I took my clients inherited 22ct gold wedding band and added an new 18ct yellow gold band and setting for a beautiful pink sapphire, to make one of my classic designs. She was delighted with the result and has worn it everyday since.

Remodelling jewellery example 25 

Remodel, remodelling gold, diamond and sapphire ring into a new modern bespoke necklace and ring

I remodelled my clients jewellery to make a new ring (above left) and a necklace (above right) that she can wear every day - incorporating new silver elements. Below are some photos from melting and making the gold loop to hold the diamonds for the necklace. The starting point for the final designs were based on the silver and aquamarine ring and this silver, gold and diamond necklace.

Remodelling rework re work re-work recycle contemporary a bespoke ring and necklace. Re-purpose, re-configure.

Remodelling jewellery example 24

Rework re work re-work recycle contemporary bespoke wedding and engagement rings and unique jewellery

I used the very sentimental aquamarine from a brooch owned by my clients late mother, and created and new three band ring using the stone and some of the gold.

Hi Sue, I picked up my ring this morning, and I absolutely love it. It fits perfectly, and looks great! It was surprisingly also a bit emotional given the source of the different elements. I wish my Mum could have seen it. VL

Remodelling jewellery example 23

modern and bespoke remodelled re work, re-worked sapphire and diamond stacking ringset

I used the sapphire and diamonds from my clients original ring (left) and made it in to one of classic two bands designs.

Sue my ring is absolutely fabulous I love it. A perfect fit and beautifully presented, you are very talented. I shall be in touch when I have another anniversary, this was to celebrate 35 years marriage! RJ

Remodelling jewellery example 22

Modern stacking gold and diamond ringset using remodelled gold. Re-purpose, re-configure.

It was such a pleasure to work my client to make this bespoke ring set. We used the gold and diamonds from her very sentimental rings (top) and re-model them into a modern contemporary set of rings that will be worn and treasured everyday. 

I don't know what to say! The rings are stunning and exactly what I wanted. It will mean the absolute world to me to finally be able to wear all 3 pieces of jewellery that are so precious to me. I don't know how to thank you enough. My Mum knew I was going to do this as we had talked it through. She would have loved the rings too.  Thank you Sue from the bottom of my heart. HC

Remodelling jewellery example 21

bespoke remodelled tanzanite ring by Sue Lane Jewellery. Re-purpose, re-configure.

I make this bespoke ring for my client using her own tanzanite, and incorporating it into one of my classic two band designs in platinum and 18ct yellow gold. We used this platinum and aquamarine ring as the starting point for the design.

Just got home and opened the package. What can I say - just beautiful - you have a wonderful talent. Thank you so much. BM

Remodelling jewellery example 20

bespoke white and yellow gold two band sapphire and diamond ring

I was asked to create one of my classic ring designs using my clients gold and sapphire, adding a new 0.25ct white diamond to balance the design.

It's arrived and the good news is that it is fabulous - just what I was hoping it would be, thank you! KM

Remodelling jewellery example 19

remodelled bespoke chunky gold amethyst  ring

I re-worked the gold and set the beautiful amethyst into the new design which my client loves and now wears everyday. The design was based on my gold and green sapphire ring, although rather more chunky to take account of the large amethyst!

Just got the ring - can't believe it is now a ring I actually like - well done - what a transformation! I really love it and have not taken it off - so comfortable to wear! Thank you! JL

Remodelling jewellery example 18

remodelled platinum and diamond stacking ring

I worked with my clients wedding ring to add a new platinum ring and link the two together with a marquise diamond. I was really pleased the proportions of the design and using a combination of matt and polished finishes worked very well.  

The ring has arrived & looks fantastic! Thank you. OL

Remodelling jewellery example 17

Remodel, re model, re work, re-work your antique jewellery. Bespoke jewellery

I designed and created a bespoke engagement and wedding ring combined in one of my classic designs, using a beautiful old cut diamond from the centre of my clients sentimental family ring. The remaining two diamonds were set into simple stud earrings. The new pieces are worm everyday and enjoyed rather than kept in a safe. 

I wanted to say how very beautiful the ring is that you made for us.

It is wonderful to have something so meaningful - that incorporates something of the past - my grandmother's ring - but is now a unique symbol of a present and a future.

It is admired so much - not least by me!! Thank you. LF

Remodelling jewellery example 16

remodel and up cycled gold ring and diamond into modern sue lane jewellery design

I remodelled my clients ring into one of my classic diamond ring designs. We used the lovely 4mm diamond and set it into an 18k gold setting and new 9k white gold bands. 

Just wanted to say I am absolutely delighted with the ring and it fits perfectly! 

Thank you so much - your work is beautiful. I just wish I had found you before I picked my engagement ring. JL

Remodelling jewellery example 15

Remodelled, reworked wedding and engagement ring set. Bespoke jewellery.

My client lost her original engagement and wedding ring last year, and has never felt able to "replace" them. However, we used a selection of sentimental family gold and some diamonds from her Mothers' very old ring and one new larger diamond to create a new ring set, with sentiment and attachment to celebrate here birthday. 

Hi Sue, Just to say that I received the rings today.  They are perfect in every way. I actually squealed when I got the package! Many thanks again, it's been a great experience.

Remodelling jewellery example 14

Remodelled, re work, recycled gold wedding rings. Bespoke jewellery.

My client asked me to make a new ring (top) using the gold and diamonds from her own three family rings (bottom). She was delighted with the result!

Hi Sue, I picked up my ring from the post office this afternoon, I am absolutely delighted with it, so pretty and a perfect fit.  Couldn't be better! I am so pleased that I have something so lovely made from things with a strong sentimental value.

Remodelling jewellery example 13

Remodelled sapphire and diamond white gold ringset

I made the ringset above using the diamonds and lovely oval sapphire from my clients original engagement ring to make a new two band ring set.

A note to say how thrilled I am with the rings and to thank you so much for having made me such a beautiful Silver Wedding Anniversary keepsake. VL

Remodelling jewellery example 12

Remodelled ring into a contemporary brooch and necklace

Above left: Clients original green tourmaline ring that she never wore. Above right: I removed the beautiful stone and included it into a one off design that works as a brooch and a necklace.

Remodelling jewellery example 11

Recycled, up-cycled, remodelled gold ring.  Bespoke jewellery.

Above left: My clients' original gold ring that she asked me to melt and recast, adding new additional gold and palladium to make one of my classic triple ring designs with 3 scattered diamonds. 

Hi Sue, I have just received my ring, I am so delighted with it, thank you so much much.

Remodelling jewellery example 10

Upcycled, remodelled ring reused gold

Above left: My clients original engagement and wedding ring (not pictured). I removed the diamonds, melted the two rings together and reset the same diamonds, to make the new ring above right. 

The ring arrived safely - thank you so much - I am really pleased with it, I would say even more than expected - absolutely delighted!

Remodelling jewellery example 09

Remodel, upcycle remodelled wedding ring

Above left: wide 18ct gold wedding ring and diamond pendant. Above right: The new two band ring cut and constructed from the ring and set with the diamond from the pendant. 

Remodelling jewellery example 08

Remodelled, re work, rework, bespoke wedding and engagement ring set

Above left: Three rings, with sentimental attachment to my client, that she wanted to be able to wear again with a more contemporary and bespoke feel. Using the same gold and diamonds, I made the bespoke 18ct gold and diamond ringset above right. 

Remodelling jewellery example 07

White gold and tanzanite remodelled ring commission by Sue Lane Jewellery UK. Rework re work re-work recycle. Bespoke engagement ring

I transformed a pair of very old earrings the client never liked into a beautiful 9ct white gold and tanzanite ring. I wish I had taken a image of the earrings before!

Remodelling jewellery example 06

up-cycled and remodelled engagement ring by Sue Lane Contemporary jewellery

My client had been left her Mother's much loved engagement ring (above left), and wanted me to remodel it to work alongside her wedding ring. We came up with a chunky design (above right) with a wide setting that worked beautifully and set her diamond off perfectly. The new ring uses the same gold with extra added and the very same diamond!

Remodelling jewellery example 05 

remodelled 18ct gold wedding ring by Sue Lane. Rework re work re-work recycle

I was simply asked to make two identical rings from one much loved 18ct gold wedding ring. The images show the various stages I took to transform the shape and size. The wedding rings are for two granddaughters who are both getting married later this year and holding huge significance for both of them and the family.

Remodelling jewellery example 04

Rework re work re-work recycle contemporary wedding and engagement rings and unique jewellery

My clients original ring contained a lovely diamond, but she no longer wore yellow gold, she spotted this platinum ring design online, which we based the new 18ct white gold ring upon. 

Remodelling jewellery example 03

Remodelling / Upcycling / Recycling Wedding and Engagement Jewellery

I met my clients at a show and they fell in love with my contemporary jeweller designs. With a very large birthday approaching they decided it would be lovely to mark the occasion by doing something wonderful with their extremely sentimental family rings. They visited the studio where we explored lots of possibilities and finally decided on the design above. I used the diamonds and gold while adding a little new metal, to create a design that originated from this silver and gold ring the client first tried.

Remodelling jewellery example 02

Sue lane contemporary rose and yellow gold diamond ring, handmade and bespoke remodelled ring.

When a client decided she wanted a wedding and engagement ring in one, we explored different widths and size bands, and came up with this lovely ring. It's a beautiful mix of yellow and rose gold from her family jewellery and we use one of the diamonds to feature in the ring. The design is based on a version of this white and yellow gold and diamond ring

Remodelling jewellery example 01

Contemporary and modern engagement ring, gold and diamonds with a matt or brushed finish, handmade and remodelled by Sue Lane Jewellery

This gold engagement ring was very special for my clients. One of their parents had passed away quite recently and they inherited a collection of rings that were clearly very loved. It was so important I photographed every stage of the process as a reminder of the rings and to show how they were reformed into one very simple but beautiful engagement ring. On this occasion the yellow gold has been rhodium plated, which does wear through, but my clients understand this, and I re-plate as often as required.