Ideas And Inspiration For Your Contemporary Wedding Rings / Bands...

I make your wedding rings using my own hands with care and attention to every detail here in my rural Herefordshire jewellery workshop. I know that your wedding rings are so important to you, and every piece of jewellery that I make means something to me too! Wedding rings today are interpreted in many different ways, which makes my job as a contemporary jewellery designer so wonderful and creative. Here are a few of my most popular contemporary wedding rings from my website...

Sue x.

Contemporary wedding rings - multi band and linked rings

Over the last 23 years I have become renown for my collection of multi band, linked contemporary rings. They grew out of my desire to celebrate marriage and reflect the symbolism of marriage by joining the band together forever too. Here I highlight a few of my all-time modern classics. They are lovely weighted wedding rings, not too heavy and perfect for everyday wear...

Diamonds and double banded wedding rings

Also why not add a diamond or two. My diamond and double banded wedding rings are particularly symbolic when clients want to wear just one ring, rather than separate wedding and engagement rings. If you are looking to combine a wedding and engagement rings into one ring, these tick the box perfectly...

Diamond wedding rings / bands

Adding diamonds to a simple wedding band, for men and women is a big trend. A traditional style and width band can be made more sparkly by adding a scatter of tiny diamonds. These are two of my favourites...

Contemporary silver wedding rings

Last but not least, I'm going to mention contemporary silver wedding rings. I am often asked; can silver be used for a wedding ring? The short answer is yes. For some, they love silver, it is the whitest (naturally occurring) and brightest of all precious metals, and it is considerably more cost effective. Saying "I do" does not have to cost the earth, so with that in mind, here are some options for silver wedding rings.

Classic wedding bands

A traditional wedding band / ring is just perfect in its simplicity. A simple band of metal that represents the love between two people. Here are some options.

Why buy from an independent contemporary jewellery designer and maker?

I'd love to highlight just a few reasons you might like to buy from an independent jewellery designer and maker rather than a large chainstore. Buying wedding rings from me means that you get rings that are perfect for you. Sizing is the largest concern for most clients. There are so many ways of sizing a ring, for example; a wide band measures differently to a thin band, different band profiles will feel slightly different etc. If you order a ring from me, and you are not 100% sure what size you require, I can send you a couple of silver samples. This way you can wear them at home to test in different conditions (when you are hot or cold, in the morning or evening etc. can all have an impact on your rings size). This it the best way to make sure the rings are the perfect size and a service you are unlikely to get on the high street. You simply return the samples and I make you weddings for you.

Commissioning your wedding rings

Don't forget any of my contemporary rings can be commissioned / customised to your exact needs by commissioning Sue to make your wedding rings.

If you can't see exactly the style you have in mind, do get in touch. I will happily quote for you for other profiles and metals. Particularly for ladies trying to find bands to match with their engagement ring; do email some images and I can try my best to match the shape.

Remodelling, repurposing, recycling your jewellery

Also if you have family wedding rings, they too can be repurposed / remodelled and used to make your own wedding rings. Have a look at some recent pieces I have made on my jewellery remodelling page, just a few to highlight are examples 40, 41, 45, 47 and 53.

And if you wedding ring size does need to change in time...

Once your rings are made and you have received them, my commitment to you doesn't end there! If they still need a size tweak at anytime in the future, I will happily resize them. I ask for you to cover the return postage and there is just a small charge of normally around £30 depending on how much of an adjustment is needed. I'll even give them a quick polish too!

What if you damage your contemporary wedding ring?

Of course, sometimes things happen we don't expect; perhaps the ring gets caught, or is damaged, or even has to be cut off through pregnancy or an accident (I have seen rings is some very sad states!) but I am always here to repair, adjust, tweak and bring them back to their former glory. Metal can be very forgiving!

Thanks so much for reading!

If you have any questions about my contemporary wedding rings, please do just get in touch! Sue x.