Contemporary Eternity Rings

Let's chat eternity rings, but let's not label things! This style of ring also make for beautiful wedding rings, anniversary ring, 21st birthday present rings, stacking rings and are simply a beautiful all round ring to wear. Here are selection from my current collection of eternity rings that you can order online. If you would prefer a variation on one of these designs you can commission me to make it for you. Simply get in touch... Sue x.

Classic eternity rings

One band with one row of diamonds is considered the classic design. However, why not add a modern twist? You can choose a scattered pattern, hammered finish, or a matt finish.

You can view all my classic eternity ring designs, but if you can't quite see the one you like, just get in touch. I make everything by hand so I can adjust the number or size of diamonds, type of metal and finish. If you have an existing ring that you are looking to accompany, I am happy to offer advice to match the depth or shape of your existing ring.

Looped contemporary eternity ring – a Sue Lane 'classic'

Let's take a modern twist on the eternity ring and the meaning behind it. Never ending love means being together forever, and that is exactly the thinking behind my collection of linked eternity rings. This is one of my signature ring designs that I have made and evolved since 2001. 

Two bands that are linked by the loop, enabling one ring to spin freely and one ring is soldered to the loop to keep the diamonds on top of the finger.

I love the symbolism that these eternity rings can represent. They can also work really well for a stand alone eternity ring on the right hand or alternative finger. Eternity rings no longer need be worn with the wedding and engagement ring.

Once again, I can be commissioned to make any design to suit you, with any number of diamonds in the loop, and width or number of bands, and any combination of polished or matt finishes too.

View all looped contemporary eternity rings.

An alternative contemporary eternity ring

Here's another eternity ring design which breaks away from tradition and works really well. No longer does it need to be just small multiple diamonds to represent love and eternity. One larger, dominant diamond or other stone, represents love and being a singe unit. This contemporary eternity ring is a combination of silver and gold bands, linked and joined together forever, with a lovely single diamond. I recently was asked to make an eternity ring for a client based on this idea of linking and joining the bands in a similar way. See example 17 on my jewellery commissioning page. You can also read more about my jewellery commissioning process on my blog.

View all alternative contemporary eternity rings.

Contemporary eternity ring without diamonds

Another way to take a twist on tradition; a contemporary eternity ring with no diamonds at all. Keep it simple and clean with multiple bands linked together. The number of bands can represent members of the family, and that might simply be enough. Diamonds aren’t for everyone which is why I've designed these eternity rings without them.

View all contemporary eternity rings without diamonds. 

Eternity rings on a limited budget

If you have limited budget, there are still eternity ring options! This silver and gold two band eternity ring is simply beautiful, can be worn and every day and has the same importance and meaning.

Remodelling your eternity rings

Have you inherited sentimental family wedding and engagement rings? You could consider up-cycling / remodelling those. I can create any of my designs using your own precious stones and diamonds, and precious metal. Here's an eternity ring using my client’s precious jewellery followed by some lovely feedback. 

Remodelling eternity rings - recycle, reuse, repurpose with Sue Lane

Just wanted to let you know, my ring arrived safely today. I'm absolutely thrilled with it. It's so special that it has a real story for me with diamonds from pieces I had stopped wearing, but that had strong sentimental value. I appreciate your patience with me to get it just right. Thank you so much. I will recommend you without hesitation. LP-G

Chat with Sue about your eternity ring commission

Sue Lane - jewellery designer - contemporary eternity rings.

Each and every design is made by me, Sue, in my rural Herefordshire jewellery studio. You are more than welcome to call and chat through your ideas and thoughts, and I welcome visitors by appointment – I'm also regularly in London so meeting up there is possible to! Do just get in touch and we can meet or chat soon!