About Sue Lane - Contemporary Jewellery Maker and Designer

About Sue Lane contemporary jeweller maker and designer.

I set up my first studio in Hereford in 2000 after graduating from Middlesex University. My aim was to make a living from designing and making contemporary jewellery that was clearly recognisable as my work. Many years later I am still living the dream, working from a studio in rural Herefordshire and doing something I love.

I have exhibited widely across the UK, and have enjoyed showing at Goldsmiths' Fair for many years, as well as well known favourites from the past; Origin at Somerset House in London, Chelsea Craft Fair, and more local to me, Hereford Contemporary Craft Fair.

I still enjoy taking part in several shows each year, but have shifted focus to other ways of meeting clients, including regular London trips and inviting people to my studio to have a cup of tea and chat about their ideas while trying designs in a non pressurised way. These, in combination with working online, telephone, email and social media allow me to work remotely with clients all over the UK.

I am fortunate to have workspace that I really love working in everyday, which is full of light and has a calming view of the countryside. All my tools have been with me for years, and some passed down from retired makers and from workshops that have closed in the trade which make them feel really personal. The radio is usually on quietly in the background and my workshop buddy alongside me, snoozing away. Those who have visited me will know she's a gentle and loving black lab called Tasha who really is the best company - when she's not sleeping! 

My contemporary jewellery collections are always evolving, but my trademark shapes and style are always evident. This is a natural progression, as a maker I constantly strive to improve and push the boundaries of my work and style.

I use a wide selections of stones and diamonds, and always choose them with great care and attention, so not only are they beautiful, they are all ethically sourced and are conflict free. I take a great deal of interest in every clients desire for the perfect stone for them, and will happily source a selection of stones to fit the bill, from which they can choose.

Sue x.