Commission Your Wedding and Engagement Rings

You will wear your engagement and wedding rings for many year to come, so of course, they need to be perfect for you! Any of my designs can be commissioned to be just that. For example, you might like a design from my website but need it to be made in white metal rather than gold, or you would rather a different width band to those shown, to complement your finger or to sit alongside your engagement ring.

To get the process started just drop me an email with your thoughts and I will get back to you with an idea of costs and more details. Discussions can take time, as it's important not to rush your design. A Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp video call is a great way to discuss all the options and is a much quicker way of getting the finer details sorted. Once all the details are planned, including finger size (which we chat about during the planning stage), a commission might take around 8 to 9 weeks from when everything is confirmed, sometime a little shorter, but rest assured I would complete it as soon as I could for you. If you have a deadline do let me know and I will always do my best!

Here is a list of some things clients often wish to change:

  • The widths of the bands.
  • The type of metal.
  • The finish (polished, matt, or hammered).
  • The number of diamonds used.
  • Swapping diamonds for coloured stones (or visa versa).

You can also read more about my what is jewellery commissioning process in my blog post: How to commission a piece of jewellery?

Commissioning wedding rings - Example 36

Modern and unique commissioned silver and gold wedding rings by Sue Lane

My client loved one of my silver and 18ct gold diamond ring designs and asked if I could make it using her mums ring. We used new silver for both of their wedding rings with the addition on her ring of the yellow gold band and diamond from her mums ring.

As a little girl I always used to try on my mum’s engagement ring, I lost it a few times but we always found it. When my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer she gave me the ring. I never took the ring off until I put my trust in Sue Lane Jewellery to transform my mums ring to become part of my wedding ring. It’s my most precious piece of jewellery for the meaning and the memories ❤️💔 I miss you mum xx DM (04/06/2024)

Commissioning a wedding ring - Example 35

Commissioning a wedding ring with Sue Lane

My client spotted a multi linked silver and gold ring on my website that he really loved. He was keen to see it in person before making any decisions about whether it would work for him. After meeting up he loved the design and commissioned me to make an all gold version.

Ring received. Huge thanks for adjusting to the timeline. I have to say it’s absolutely gorgeous. I really could not be any happier with it. I’m sure you know this but maybe it’s nice to hear sometimes… you’re incredibly talented. It’s an honour to wear your work especially something that will always mean so much to me. Thanks again. Take care, BW (02/06/2024)

Wedding ring commissioning - Example 34

Commission a platinum and diamond wedding or eternity ring handmade by Sue Lane

My clients were looking to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with a platinum band to complement her own rings. They really liked my classic platinum eternity or wedding ring but needed it to be a little wider and deeper to sit perfectly along her other ring. Also they asked for 7 diamonds as that was a special number to them.

Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for making my lovely ring. I am so delighted with it and has been admired by many people. I hope we get an excuse to see you again soon! B&R (16/02/2024)

Wedding and engagement ring commission - Example 33

Commission a platinum and diamond wedding or eternity ring.

My client bought one of my silver and diamonds engagement rings to propose to his girlfriend, which she loved and said “yes”! When it came to choosing the wedding band, she wanted to keep the style but add a third band, so they are all linked together. We had a Zoom meeting whereby she said she loved my classic platinum and diamond eternity ring, and wanted it in yellow gold and incorporated into the double banded ring. A design came together that worked so beautifully.

Hi Sue,
The ring looks beautiful. We are both really pleased with the result. Just how we imagined it. You have incorporated the pave wedding band without loosing the integrity of the original ring. Many thanks!" GP

Commissioning wedding & engagement rings  - Example 32

Commission an 18ct gold and diamond classic eternity ring, wedding ring, or engagement ring, handmade just for you.

My client fell in love with my 18ct gold and pave set diamond classic eternity ring but decided she would like it wider and with larger diamonds. I met up with her in London, took her finger size and then she handed all the details over to her partner. We then planned the ring which I made in time for their big trip away.

Hi Sue,
Happy New Year! I just wanted to say how much I love my ring, thank you. It’s beautifully designed and so much prettier in real life. It was well worth the wait (not from your side!); I couldn’t be happier! Wishing you a great 2024! Best,  JH (09/01/2024)

Wedding ring commissioning - Example 31

Platinum and yellow gold diamond engagement ring commission Sue Lane

My clients loved a design she spotted on my website, and wanted to make it work with her own round diamond. She also wanted the bands to be a little more delicate. After chatting about the reality of delicate bands over a life time of wear, I was confident the design would work for her.

Hi Sue,
I love the rings, they are exactly how I hoped, thank you. LS (17/11/2023)

Wedding ring commissioning - Example 30

Wedding ring commissioning with Sue Lane in Herefordshire and London

I had the pleasure of meeting my clients, just after the first lockdown when they came to Herefordshire for the weekend. They wanted to try various designs they had spotted on my website and chat through all the options. After taking some time to get the sizing just perfect with a rough sample first, they were delighted.

Hi Sue,
I just wanted to let you know that the ring arrived safely yesterday and is absolutely lovely, I am really pleased with it and it fits well. We both really enjoyed the whole process of working with you especially being able to visit your wonderful studio. It made the whole process much more personal.  Thank you very much, M&S

Wedding ring commission - Example 29

Wedding ring commissioning with Sue Lane in Hereford and London

I made a set of wedding rings for my clients after they found my website. We exchanged many emails so I could offer advice on the sizing for each design, which ensured they were a perfect fit.

Hi Sue,
The rings arrived yesterday and we are both so happy with them. Many thanks for making sure they got to us before Christmas. TF

Engagement and wedding ring commission - Example 28

Wedding and engagement ring commissioning - bespoke design with Sue Lane

I had the pleasure of meeting my clients when they visited my jewellery studio. It was their first trip out of London following lockdown one, so they were very excited. She already had her heart set on one of my designs which she spotted on my Instagram account, so it was just refining the design to match her exact needs. Once the design was confirmed I set about sourcing a beautiful green sapphire in the shades of green she loved while being the perfect size for her delicate fingers. Through a series of photos and films I was able to show them the selection of stones remotely so they could choose their favourite. I was so happy with the final design.

We just wanted to say a sincere thank you for the work you put into the ring. The swift turnaround, the support and consultation to ensure Mel got exactly what she was looking for, and your patience in working with us to make that dream a reality. The fit is perfect and Mel can't stop looking at it with an expression of awe and gratitude. You have really made her dream come true and we look forward to telling the story of its creation and origins for years to come. D&M

Wedding ring commission - Example 27

Wedding ring commission by Sue Lane

Once again I had the pleasure of welcoming my clients and their son to the studio to choose their wedding rings. It was so lovely, and the design she spotted on my website was the one she fell in love with in reality too. The ring for him reflected the style of her ring, while ensuring the metal colour tones worked for him and felt comfortable. I sent them samples to ensure the size was perfect before creating the actual platinum and 18ct white gold rings.

Dear Sue,
This is to say an enormous thank you for your patience and brilliance in designing our wedding rings and making them fit just so. We were married last Wednesday and (whisper it) a pandemic wedding suited us just fine! Getting to wear your amazing work was a big part of the perfection. Thank you so much, A&J

Bespoke engagement and wedding ring commission - Example 26

Bespoke engagement and wedding ring commission - Sue Lane

My clients visited the studio to try a selection of rings, and we came up with a bespoke ring option for them both. I made samples and posted them, due to lockdown. After making some small changes to the sample and design, she was delighted. I sourced a section of certificated diamonds and used FaceTime calls to show them the diamonds and options, which worked really well. I really loved the final design, one of my modern classics.

Thank you so much for the wedding rings - they are absolutely stunning! The box they came in is beautiful too! It was such a perfect day, we're just so happy to be married! The engagement ring is absolutely perfect too. Thank you so much for everything you've done to get them right - I love it so much! I'm so glad we found you and your beautiful jewellery! J&N

Wedding ring commission - Example 25

How to commission a wedding ring / band / or engagement ring with Sue Lane

I was recommended to my client from another customer. He wanted to commission a contemporary engagement ring similar to ones he had seen on my website. We decided upon using platinum with three diamonds set into the band and they where both delighted with the outcome.

Evening Sue,
It arrived safely. I took Laura for a stroll to where I had proposed to her. It is perfect and she loves it. You have been so easy to deal with and I couldn't be happier with what you have made.
Thank you,RF

 Wedding ring commission - Example 24

Commissioning wedding and engagement rings with Sue Lane, contemporary jewellery.

I had the pleasure of having cup of tea in my contemporary jewellery studio with my clients to help choose a wedding ring for her. She spotted a ring she loved on my website, but wanted to combine it with a second ring she loved too. I mocked up a rough sample of the wedding ring for her to try at home, which she thought was perfect, and then I went on make it in silver 18ct white and yellow gold.

Hi Sue, The ring has arrived - it is beautiful and fits well. I have popped it back in the box for the big day in March and am looking forward to showing it to my mum in a couple of weeks! M&J

Wedding and engagement ring commissioning - Example 23

Commissioning wedding/engagement rings

My client found me through a Google search and got in contact about buying one of my off the peg rings to work with her own platinum wedding band. She sent a few photos to ask my advice if it would work. I suggested if she sent me her wedding ring I could match the exact same depth and shape so it would be a perfect match. It is exactly what we did and she was delighted. 

Hi Sue, My ring has arrived and I am delighted with it. It is just what I wanted after 2 years of searching. Thank you so much. I will definitely be coming to you again. Very best wishes. PH

Wedding ring commission - Example 22

Wedding ring commission / commissioning with Sue Lane in Herefordshire.

My clients made the journey to see me in my jewellery studio to chat about a wedding ring for her. She want it to match the depth and width of her own engagement ring, so they came along, had a cup of tea and tried some samples to be sure it would work and fit snuggly alongside and feel comfortable. I think her email when it arrived in the post says it all! 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! Thanks soooo much Sue! My ring is perfect and it fits beautifully. I love it 💜💜💜. MT

Commissioning wedding/engagement rings - example 21

Russion style wedding ring commission by Sue Lane, Hereford.

My client was interested in commissioning an unusual wedding ring and spotted my unique Russian inspired wedding ring online. We meet in London and chatted though options and tried lots of different styles from my collection. We came up with a one-off commission just for her combining different coloured metals and the linked ring design she originally fell in love with. She was delighted! 

Wedding and engagement ring commissioning - example 20

Commission a wedding ring or engagement ring with Sue Lane, Herefordshire or London.

My clients wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary by commissioning a new ring. However during our meeting she decided she didn't want a completely new piece as she loved the simplicity of her original wedding ring. We decide to add to it with a new white 18ct gold ring to match her own 18ct yellow gold band and make a loop to join them based on my classic style. They were both very over the moon when they collected from the studio.

Wedding Ring Commission - Example 19

My client and her husband-to-be visited my jewellery studio with their adorable little boy to choose her wedding ring together. We came up with a combination to two styles, which worked so well.

Wedding ring commissioning, commission your wedding ring with Sue Lane.

Wedding ring commission with Sue Lane

Image credit: Grace Elliott Photography.

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful wedding ring. It arrived this morning and I absolutely love it. VO

Engagement ring commissioning example 18

My clients spotted several rings they liked from my commissioning pages, and got in touch to work with me to make their own unique rings in 9ct white gold. The design was based on my 18ct gold diamond engagement ring, and my platinum and 18ct yellow gold pave set diamond engagement ring.

Wedding and engagement rings made to commission

Dear Sue,
The rings arrived safely and they're wonderful - exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much.
Best wishes, G&A

Engagement ring made to commission example 17

My clients spotted my modern platinum pear shape aquamarine and diamond stacking engagement ring on my website that she loved, but wanted to customise it's just for her. We made it in 18ct white gold, with a marquise aquamarine and white diamond and she was delighted with the result.

Contemporary engagement ring made to commission. Commission your engagement ring with Sue Lane.

Hi sue,
Thanks for the engagement ring, it’s everything I expected and fits wonderfully. Lovely workmanship with lovely stones. JC

Engagement ring commission example 16

My client asked for a combination of a couple of rings she had seen on my website including my 18ct gold and platinum 6 band ring with diamond. She wanted a fine band and a large setting for a 0.25ct diamond.

Engagement ring made to commission - 18ct gold with large diamond - Sue Lane.

Hi Sue,
I’ve received the ring today! I'm delighted with it, it's perfect. 
Thank you so much, KP

Commissioned engagement and wedding rings example 15

My client ordered my platinum pear shape aquamarine and diamond stacking engagement ring via my website as a surprise his girlfriend and asked her to marry him. She, as expected, said "yes", and a few months later they came to see me in the studio to order their wedding rings too! I made a slightly wider version of my platinum and diamond engagement, wedding or eternity ring for her, with a few additional diamonds, and a lovely wider chinky palladium band for Andy. 

Wedding and engagement ring commissioning

I’ve just been admiring my ring and I just wanted to say a heart felt thank you for this as it’s just perfect. It sits beautifully against my engagement ring. You've made such a beautiful ring and I can't wait to wear it for the rest of time. VP

Commissioned engagement ring example 14

My client spotted my contemporary palladium and diamond engagement ring for his wife, but wanted it to match her existing engagement ring. They made and appointment to visit me in the studio, where I could measure and take notes from her exiting ring to match the depth exactly. I used 20 x 1.3mm round diamonds to ensure it balanced with her engagement ring.

Engagement ring made to commission example - Sue LaneEngagement ring made to commission example - Sue Lane
The ring looks good and we are both delighted with it, thank you so much. EC

Platinum and diamond engagement ring commission example 13

Commission unusual, unique, bespoke and modern platinum and diamond wedding and engagement ring commission. Handmade by contemporary designer maker Sue Lane Jewellery UK

Image above:

My clients purchased my platinum and diamond 2 band ring (left) and they later returned to discuss options for their wedding rings. I made a third ring to the join the engagement ring, making the wedding and engagement ring one ring permanently linked together to symbolise their marriage. I made a simple matt platinum wedding ring for him to complement his wife's ring.

Platinum, gold and diamond wedding ring commission example 12

Modern white and yellow gold two tone stacking contemporary wedding ring

Image above:

This commission shows how I can combine my designs to meet the exact preference of my client. We based the design on the silver and gold ring with diamond (above left) and the two colour gold ring (middle) and came up with the actual finished design (right) platinum and 18ct yellow gold with diamonds. 

Silver and diamond wedding ring commission example 11

Handmade modern and bespoke set of commissioned white gold and diamond wedding rings, by designer maker Sue Lane Contemporary Jewellery, UK
Image above:

My clients first saw my silver and diamond ring which they loved (left). We added a hammered finish to contrast with the sparkle of the diamonds to create two 18ct gold wedding rings commissioned with the wedding date engraved inside.

Two band wedding ring commission example 10

Handmade modern and bespoke set of diamond white and rose gold wedding rings, made to commission by designer maker Sue Lane Contemporary Jewellery, UK

Image above:

This set of wedding rings was commissioned after seeing my platinum and diamond ring (left) online. One ring is 18ct rose gold with a white gold and diamond loop and the other is white gold with a rose gold loop. I made the loop with wire from the other ring, making it very symbolic. 

White and rose gold diamond engagement ring commission example 9

Unusual, unique, bespoke and modern rose gold and silver diamond wedding and engagement ring handmade to commission by Sue Lane Contemporary Jewellery, UK

Image above:

My client contacted me after she saw my silver and gold ring (left). After meeting and trying lots of variations, we decided this rose gold, silver and diamond ring worked best for her hands and needs. We added a slightly larger diamond and swapped silver for rose gold bands. 

Contemporary engagement/wedding ringset commission example 8

Platinum wedding and engagement rings made to commission. Rework re work re-work recycled

Image above:

My clients saw my platinum and marquise diamond two band ring online and loved the modern design (left). We used this as the starting point to make a 9ct white gold wedding ring set. The man's wedding ring is set with a 2mm diamond and the ladies ring is set with diamonds and a 10x5mm peridot in 18ct yellow gold. Here is a similar peridot ring.

Commissioned wedding rings example 7

Handmade wedding rings engraved with the couples names. Made to commission

Image above:

Handmade and hand engraved unique platinum wedding rings made to commission for a lovely couple.

Commissioned wedding and engagement ring example 6

Bespoke commissioned platinum and pear shape emerald and diamond ring set by Sue Lane

Image above:

Platinum, emerald and diamond stacking rings made to commission, based on this platinum and diamond ringset.

Gold and diamond wedding ring set commission example 4

Gold and diamond wedding ring set. Commission by Sue Lane jewellery.

Image above:

18ct yellow gold wedding rings with a matt finish. The set were commissioned based on this white gold and diamond ring with 25 diamonds.

Commissioned wedding rings example 3

Commission your wedding and engagement rings. Rework re work re-work recycle

Image above:

A collection of wedding bands in white metals, from the top:

  • 18ct white gold, polished.
  • Matt palladium.
  • 18ct white gold, polished.
  • 9ct white gold, matt silver.

Wedding rings, bands rework re work re-work recycle contemporary wedding and engagement rings and unique jewellery

Image above:

The image above illustrates the natural colour or 18ct white gold (top) and the more recognised colour when rhodium plated (bottom). The plating does 'wear' within several years, so this must be considered if you choose to have your rings plated. Have a look at my blog post about white gold.

Wedding rings commission example 2

Commission Your Wedding and Engagement Rings

Image above:

Silver and 18ct gold wedding ring set. The silver, 18ct gold and diamond ring above was made to commission and is similar to this silver and gold ring. The man’s wedding band was made to commission to compliment.

Engagement ring commission example 1

A bespoke and contemporary set of engagement rings in platinum with an aquamarine, and in white and yellow gold with a mint garnet. Made to commission

Image above:

A bespoke and contemporary set of engagement stacking rings in platinum with an aquamarine, and in white and yellow gold with a mint garnet. The inspiration came from this platinum and aquamarine ring that I designed previously.