Contemporary Engagement Rings - Advice And Inspiration...

Contemporary Engagement Rings - Advice And Inspiration

Getting engaged is such an exciting time... I have a lovely selection of contemporary / modern engagement rings available online that would be perfect for this special occasion. Here’s a few thoughts… 

I design and make bespoke commissioned engagement rings too - just get in touch for more details!

Sue x.

Do you plan on wearing a wedding ring alongside your engagement ring?

In many cases the answer will be "yes", so it is worth considering the following...

  1. Fitted or shaped wedding rings where the wedding band is designed to fit around your engagement ring can be troublesome. Getting them to fit together perfectly and never stray is nearly impossible unless you like your rings to feel very snug. So always consider how a flat band would sit alongside or tuck underneath your engagement ring to prevent problems later on.
  2. Would you prefer one ring that represents both your wedding and engagement that plays with the idea of two people coming together? This is a very popular theme that runs through my contemporary engagement ring collection.
  3. Consider what colour metal you love and wear most. Combing both white and yellow metal is a very versatile and increasingly popular option, allowing you to mix and match your wedding ring and engagement ring designs.
  4. Also consider practicality: Are you going to wear your engagement ring all of the time, day and night, never taking it off? Or perhaps for work or recreational reasons it has to be more restrained? Will you only wear your engagement ring for special occasions and just wear your wedding ring day-by-day? This can all dictate your metal choice, setting style, width and shape of the band and the stone that you choose.

If you have any questions or would like advice about your engagement rings, just get in touch, I am here to offer advice based on over 20 years experience and I can happily make suggestions and direct you to rings that might fit the bill for you and your partner. Sue x.

Some inspiration for choosing your engagement ring

A single band engagement ring with a beautiful stone

A beautiful, contemporary platinum and 18ct yellow gold engagement ring with diamond.

Let's start with one of my  modern classic diamond engagement rings. This ring is platinum and the diamond is set in yellow gold (I also make this ring the setting and band in the same metal). I love the contrast of the two metals, with the simplicity of design letting the diamond do all the taking. The rubover setting is a very practical option as the diamond is well and truly encased in strong metal, while not at all detracting from the high quality diamond. The joy of this design allows a wedding band to tuck underneath and sit snuggly next to it.

Contemporary, bespoke and modern 18ct gold two band stacking diamond wedding ring, engagement ring, eternity ring, matt brushed finish.

Pushing this design a little further, I often play with the positioning of the setting. This ring is perfect example of how this idea can work as an engagement ring. By placing the setting to the side, the design appears more contemporary and I love how it looks on its own, yet lending itself to lots of future options for a wedding and eternity ring set.

Contemporary engagement rings with coloured stones

Platinum and cognac / champagne diamond engagement ring - contemporary and unusual stones

Although choosing a white diamond for your engagement ring is a classic and timeless choice, it's also possible to use coloured stones too. Here's a beautiful champagne diamond engagement ring with lots of character and warmth. 

A bespoke cornflower blue sapphire 18ct gold engagement ring. Contemporary and unique.

What about choosing a lovely coloured sapphire? Sapphires are one of the best and hardest stones after diamonds for using in an engagement ring which is going to be worn and used everyday for many years to come.

Contemporary silver engagement rings

A unique modern sapphire engagement ring that can be stacked with your wedding rings

Let us not over look metal choice. Some people love silver and it shouldn't be ruled out for a engagement ring. However, in my opinion this does come with the following caveat; the design has to be sturdy, and the setting used should be white or yellow gold, or platinum to give strength and ensuing the stone is held safely in place.

Alternative and stacking engagement rings/ring sets

Contemporary, bespoke and modern platinum and 18ct yellow gold diamond ringset. A stunning wedding ring and/or engagement ring.

You don't have to have just one engagement ring (engaged means bringing together two people after all!). Why not consider a stacking wedding and engagement ringset with a modern twist?

A contemporary alternative engagement, eternity or anniversary ring with stunning pink sapphire.

Now let's mix it up and think a little more alternative, but still, I would say, a modern classic engagement ring. I love this combination; if you want to mix the colour tones, a pink sapphire and white diamonds are a classic. This engagement ring design allows a wedding ring to sit snugly alongside, and that could be platinum or yellow gold, to bring out the warmth of the settings.

Modern/unusual engagement rings with two stones

Modern platinum pear shape aquamarine and diamond stacking engagement ringA bespoke orange sapphire and diamond 18ct gold ring. Contemporary and unique.

Would you like more than one stone in your engagement ring? A little more contemporary? Perhaps this cool aquamarine and diamond combination could work for you... Or do you prefer warmer tones such as this orange sapphire and diamond 18ct gold ring?

 unique, one off, contemporary diamond engagement ring in yellow gold and platinum.

How about keeping it all diamonds, but playing with the colour tones of the metals and diamond shapes? This three diamond engagement ring looks lovely with a wedding ring alongside!

A unique aquamarine and diamond engagement ring, which is wonderfully tactile and comfortable to wear.

Again, not forgetting a silver engagement ring option, and a little weightier. This ring design looks fab on it own or with a wedding ring that can nestle along under the diamond setting.

Two and three band contemporary engagement rings

18ct gold two tone stacking diamond engagement ringA 18ct gold and diamond two band engagement ring - unusual, unique and bespoke

Many of my engagement ring designs incorporate two or three bands, linked and joined together. Some allow wedding bands to sit alongside snuggly, others may not so well. Do ask Sue’s advice if you are unsure and have specific requirements one way or another.  These two 18ct gold engagement rings have two bands linked and joined together. Perfect for a combination wedding and engagement ring in one design, or you can stack a wedding ring alongside in the future.

Platinum and cornflower blue sapphire unique, bespoke and unusual alternative wedding or eternity ring.

This platinum three band engagement ring with a lovely cornflower blue sapphire is one best worn as a standalone ring. A wedding band can be worn alongside, but due to the loop effect under the bands, it may 'kick away' slightly.

Understated, simple, classic engagement rings

A beautiful classic platinum and diamond wedding or eternity ring handmade by Sue Lane and can be commissioned to your exact requirements.

So let's ask the question, what if you don't want a feature stone or diamond and prefer a more understated engagement ring.Here are some of my favourites. The first ring is full of sparkle, and very practical. Perhaps, due to your profession, you need a more discreet ring. This would be a great choice.

Here are two modern alternative engagement rings. Both designs have the diamond flush set into the gold band to ensure it stays secure and keeps the top surface smooth. These engagement ring designs are not going to 'catch' or 'snag' so they are practical. Also, including some silver reduces the costs, but the diamonds are set in 18ct gold for strength. 

Hopefully the above selection of my current collection of contemporary engagement rings inspires you. If you would like to chat about any of these designs, or about the options for commissioning your own bespoke engagement ring, please do just get in touch! Sue x.