Jewellery Aftercare

Please note that whilst the following techniques are tried and tested, you undertake them at your own risk.

I offer the assurance that if you need to have your jewellery altered in anyway following your purchase, I am happy to do so. Commitment to customers is very strong and I offer a very friendly service and am happy to discuss your thoughts at any time. Sue x.

How to clean your jewellery

Your silver jewellery can be quickly dipped into 'silver dip' cleaning solution. Always wash well in warm soapy water afterwards, and dry thoroughly on a soft cloth. This process will work even if the piece incorporates gold or diamonds.

If you have a matt finished piece of jewellery and it has polished up with wear, it is possible to re-matt the surface yourself by gently using a Scotch Bright pad. This may sound a little crazy but it works well. If you apply small circular action with gently pressure, it will return the finish. If in any doubt, contact me for advice. Alternatively, you can post the piece back to me and I will refinish it providing you cover the postage and packaging costs.

A good idea if you have a piece of jewellery incorporating diamonds and dirt has gathered behind the stone, is to put boiling water in a cup with some washing up detergent and leave the piece to soak for 5 minutes. Then, using an old toothbrush, loosen the dirt and I’m sure you will be please with the sparkle that returns to your stone.