The Jewellery Workshop

I love my jewellery making studio in Herefordshire! It's a great space that offers me flexibility to make bespoke, unique and modern jewellery - including my popular contemporary engagement and wedding rings. Here are a few images to give you an idea of the space... Sue x. 

Sue Lane's contemporary jewellery making studio in HerefordshireMy working space. I make jewellery at this jewellers bench almost everyday.

Sue Lane's contemporary jewellery making bench in HerefordshireAnother view of the jewellery bench. All my jewellery making tools are within reach.

A selection of my jewellery making tools.
My purpose built jewellery making studio!

A close up view of my jewellery making studio bench in Herefordshire
I love having the windows open in the summer whilst I work away.

Jewellery making tools in Herefordshire
Having the sun streaming in is not perfect for soldering, but I can't bring myself to block it out!

A tidy area in my contemporary jewellery making studio, Herefordshire.
Office area, I do love it when it is so clear and tidy! 

The view from my jewellery making studio window in Herefordshire.
I love watching the weather change in Herefordshire through the studio window. 

A selection of the inspiration for making contemporary and modern jewellery in Herefordshire.
At some point I will need to tidy my theme board; but it has become a time line.
The things first put on 10 years ago are now deep underneath!

Another view of the Herefordshire countryside from my jewellery making studio
A blue sky and lovely crisp snow through the studio window - perfect!