January 2021 Update

January 13, 2021

Sue Lane contemporary jewellery commissioning and remodelling.

Goodness me - it's 2021 already and I have just spotted that my last blog post was back in May last year! Hoping you're all well and taking care of yourself. As I type, here in the UK we are in lockdown three, and hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am so fortunate to be able to continue working while not leaving the grounds of my home. I have reduced the amount of trips to my local post office to just one or two a week and nearly all of my supplies can be posted out to me, so I really am in a lucky position. 

Sue Lane jewellery blog post 2021

I have really enjoyed chatting with clients through FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom. It's so immediate and I can show clients my work and help explain the pieces and designs, whilst also showing them stones and diamonds to help them choose their favourite. It's not quite the same as face to face, but I am really surprised how well it comes a close second. 

Contemporary silver and gold modern handmade rings

I do have shows lined up for 2021, some of which were postponed from last year, so if they are able to run it will be truly wonderful. All the details are posted on my shows and fairs page

I've really enjoyed trying out new ways of showing you all my jewellery and films are a great way to do that - have a look my videos page. Fortunately I have been kept really busy with orders and commissions so time hasn't allow me to upload more recently, but it's certainly on my to do list so expect to see some new ones soon.

So I'm heading into 2021 with some lovely commissions in progress, my office dog snoring alongside and a long list of "to dos". I shall leave you with a few images of pieces I made last year, all of which I loved, and so too the clients!

Jewellery blogger Sue Lane

Above: Bespoke rose gold, sapphire and diamond ring set made for a client. A gift for her daughter to celebrate her 21st birthday. 

Blog about jewellery

Above: This was a commission made for a lovely client, using her own diamonds to create a bespoke unique engagement ring. She recently got in touch and said...

This may sound a little silly but, I was sat staring at my beautiful rings this afternoon and thinking about how much pleasure they have given me, especially at this time when everything seems so fragile! I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your skill and care in making these for me. I feel very privileged to have them - they make me smile every day which is much needed right now!!!

Oh my goodness, that email made me so happy! 

Contemporary jewellery blogger

Above: This ring is an up-cycling commission made for my client using her beloved mums rings who had sadly passed away.

They are so pretty, you did such a great job. It felt quite emotional when I put them on. It felt like a lovely present that had been delivered from my mum. Thank you so much for transforming the rings into a style I can enjoy wearing for years to come. 

Thank you Ali. I never take for granted the trust clients place in me and my work, allowing me to create very special and sentimental pieces for them, that goes far and beyond just metal and stones.  

So on that note,

Stay safe everyone,

Chat soon, Sue x.