Angelique and Alex make their own wedding rings

January 17, 2017

Make your own platinum wedding rings with Sue Lane in Herefordshire

Brilliant day with this lovely couple, Angelique and Alex, making their own wedding rings. Rings were 9ct yellow gold, one 3mm halo wire and one 5mm x 2mm D shape wire both with a matt finish. 

make your own gold wedding rings


Hi Sue

Thanks again for the beautiful day. 
We love the photos : ).
We had a great time making our wedding rings, especially because we were able to make each others. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, there was no pressure and you gave us the confidence that we will have two beautiful rings at the end.
It was great that we were able to do each step ourselves but you were ready to help.
It will be a unforgettable day and we will cherish these rings forever. A&A