July 2011: Pat, Mags, Annie and Sandra's Day Jewellery Workshop.

June 07, 2012

On Saturday 23rd July, I had the pleasure of spending the day with Pat, Mags, Annie and Sandra, who have been good friends for many years. For them the day is about having a relaxing and enjoyable time together to catch up while doing something a little different.

We made bangles and bracelets, all slightly different. Mags made 3 silver bangles linked with a gold loop, much like one of my designs. Annie made a silver linked bracelet, Sandra a wide bangle and soldered 3 silver shapes that were from a very old ring, that had sentimental value, and Pat made a collection of 4 bangles that are held together. Time became a little short, so I am going to put the finishing touches to Pat's bangle....

We had a very enjoyable day, and ended the day with a lovely collection of jewellery.

Pat and Mags shaping the bangles.

Mags annealing the wire.

Sandra soldering her bangle.

Annie soldered lots of links and is about to put them in the pickle.

Pat soldering one of her bangles.

This is where we got to at lunchtime.

Annie has shaped her links and is cleaning up the solder joints.

Mag's finished bangle.

Sandra's bangle.

Annie's bracelet and I will add Pat's bangle in a few days time.

Four happy students!


Here is Pat's bangle that I finished off including a loop much like my rings. Perhaps you might see bangles coming into my collection!

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