Summer in the Herefordshire countryside for a contemporary jewellery maker

July 03, 2018

Summer in the Herefordshire countryside for a contemporary jewellery maker

Wow, it really feels like a summer from my childhood. Herefordshire summers are often very mixed but this year is lovely, and now is hay making time. There is really nothing more lovely that the smell of freshly cut grass and then how the smell changes as it dries out. Another memory from my childhood. Here's what I have been up to this week...


long summer shadows

At this time of year I love how the late evening sunshine bathes our dining room in the most wonderful warm glow. The rose bush outside the window casts it's shadow creating lovely lines across the wall. 

Sue Lane jewellery studio

However my studio catches all the daytime sunshine. I try to enjoy it as much as I can, however often the brightness is tricky when soldering, so the blinds are essential. 

Tom learning jewellery making skills.

This week my nephew Tom finished his silver box which he has being making with me as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme 'learning a new skill'. He made the most beautiful box with a lid and a little rugby ball soldered on top. I will reveal the finished piece in my next blog post; however, here he is melting some gold for me!

pink sapphire and gold ring

I am making a version of eternity style ring above for a client, and the gold that Tom melted will me is what will be rolled out to make the wire. 

Herefordshire post box

On the theme of summer time, my local post box looks so pretty this time of year too! Holding it's own again all the wild foliage.

red shoes

A little bit blurry, but that's what summer evenings are all about! For 99% of the year I am trudging through this very field in my wellies, so to be able to wear red pumps it just the biggest treat! 

hay bales in Herefordshire

An iconic summer photograph for me. 

selection of multi band rings by Sue Lane, with diamonds, sapphires, and and aquamarine.

Finally, I wanted to share this image that has been having so much love over on my Instagram account this week. All are available to buy online Top: Middle: Bottom

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