New Year, new workshop!

January 22, 2019

Sue Lane jewellery designer's new workshop/studio

When is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year? Hopefully it's still OK!

Wow, where has the last two months disappeared too? December was incredibly busy, as you can imagine, with most clients (not all - thankfully!) having the same deadline. Add to this, an additional self imposed deadline too.

I have been working in my studio for over 12 years now and it had become a little worn and tired; the floor had worn through where I sit at the bench and the work tops were weak and cracked. For several years I have contemplated renovations, but quickly moved on at the very thought. 

However, with the help of my husband the time had come. With the very last Christmas orders still being processed through Royal Mail, my tools were all carefully packed away and removed for a Christmas in storage, and immediately the studio was gutted from floor to ceiling. With such a small timeframe before I needed to be back at the bench making again the pressure was on. The list of orders and commissions growing by the day for January/February delivery. Adie, my husband, managed to get the new oak flooring in and finished before we downed tools and shut the door for the final time of 2018 and let Christmas begin. 

Christmas was delightful, New Year too - lots of time with family and friends. Adventures, celebrations and quiet times by the fire, with fizz and food. 

It wasn't long before we were back in the studio with renewed energy to get it finished. New worktops, bases, sink, taps, painting, skirting boards... the list goes on, but we did it. I am still on the hunt for a few prices of furniture but so nearly done. I have finished my first whole week in the space and it feels so fab. 

As with all spaces, large or small, home or work, they evolve with you and your needs and this space will too, I cant wait to see how this evolves. 

Removing the old benches

Out with the old. 

Work in progress

No time to change our minds, onwards and upwards.

making my new jewellery bench

I have been working at my old bench for nearly 18 years. A good friend found it for me in London when a studio was closing down. He bought it for me, and drove it home to Herefordshire. He had a tiny car and at over 2m long is was never going to fit. With the help of string tying it down, and his boot open for a 4 hour drive, it made it to Herefordshire. Thank you Wally Gilbert. However, it couldn't take another move and it was decided we should retire it, and make new. It had just one last job to do; be the template for the new bench. The traditional jewellers semi circles work so well for me, and now I feel a little of the old lives on in the new. 

We used a router to cut the semi circles following the line of the old bench.

My Dad popped in to see how we were getting on, in true farmer style.

We fitted a new sink. Well I say "we", perhaps I mean Adie, with help from my brother Andrew and nephew Tom.  

After another long day it was lovely to sweep of all the dust and enjoy the late evening sunshine stream in and admire the shadows.

Tasha, my workshop buddy looking a little unsure of all the changes. 

When the time came to get all my tools back in, I felt like we had taken a huge step forward. 

My new workbench.

The nearly finished studio. It feels so lovey to work in a fresh and organised space. 

Sue Lane contemporary jewellery workshop.

Sue Lane contemporary jewellery worksop tools

Contemporary jewellery workshop office area.

Contemporary jewellers bench and tools set up.

Contemporary jewellery tools and workshop.

Ring sizing

Sue makes rings to the size your select when ordering. If the ring does not fit, then she will re-size the ring free of charge (once only) providing:

  1. You (the customer) pay £9 to cover Royal Mail Special Delivery costs for returning the ring to you (can be paid by cheque or back transfer).
  2. You (the customer) ensure it's returned within 14 days of delivery.

Please contact Sue before returning a ring for a re-size; it is so useful to have a discussion to help gauge how much adjustment is needed.

Please note: rings must be returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery and opting for the appropriate insurance option to cover the cost of the item. Sue Lane is not responsible for the delivery costs of returning a ring for re-sizing or for lost or damaged rings whilst in transit. For more details, please read our Returns Policy.

Sue will happily resize, refinish or repolish the ring at any time after the 14 days have expired, but at a cost based on the time needed to fulfil the work which Sue can quote before you return the ring.

Not sure of your ring size?

If you are not sure of your ring size, please contact Sue. She can arrange your order and then post out a free ring sizer to you. You then simply call or email with the measurement.