Inspired by the May sunshine

May 22, 2020

Contemporary jewellery maker blog - Sue Lane.

Hasn't the weather been amazing? Just seeing blue skies and everything bursting into bud and flower is so inspiring. I have enjoyed taking a little longer to walk the dog, morning and evening, enjoying the views and photographing those walks over the past weeks. I look back over the images regularly and they feed into the stones I choose, the metals I work with and the designs I make. 

Bespoke emerald and diamond dress ring perfect for a May birthday

 Leaves, twigs and branches are perhaps one of the things I photograph most. 

View of dandelion seed head over a Herefordshire field

Getting low down and and photographing the field from a low angle is one of my favourite shots, the dandelion seed heads appear as giants to the trees in the distance. It helps with playing with the proportion and perspective in my own work. 

Platinum, tanzanite and diamond contemporary modern and unique ring

The sunsets have just been so amazing over the last few weeks too, the rich golden warm tones are so lovely. 

Sunset over the woodland in Herefordshire

I have been photographing lots of pieces of work over the last few week, trying to give you a better perspective of each piece by including images of them being worn. As I am the only one here, I am the model and photographer! Perhaps it is a bonus to see them worn on hands that are far from beautiful as my hands make each piece and have never once had a manicure!  

Bespoke rose gold and diamond ringset by Sue Lane

Herefordshire field at sunset.

Contemporary yellow gold and orange sapphire ring by Sue lane Hoping you are able to enjoy the blue skies, all be it through a window or in your garden at the moment. 

Ring sizing

Standard designs

Sue makes rings to the size you select when ordering. If the ring does not fit, then she will re-size the ring free of charge (once only) providing:

  1. You (the customer) pay £9 to cover Royal Mail Special Delivery costs for returning the ring to you (can be paid online or via bank transfer).
  2. You (the customer) ensure it is returned within 14 days of delivery.

Please contact Sue before returning a ring for a re-size; it is so useful to have a discussion to help gauge how much adjustment is needed.

Please note: rings must be returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery and opting for the appropriate insurance option to cover the cost of the item. Sue Lane is not responsible for the delivery costs of returning a ring for re-sizing or for lost or damaged rings whilst in transit. For more details, please read our Returns Policy.

After 14 days: Sue will happily resize but at a cost based on the time needed to fulfil the work plus postage. Sue can quote for any work before you return the ring.

Commissioned designs

Any item made just for you, that is not one of Sue's standard designs: You (the customer) need to ensure the size is correct before Sue commences any work. If your order doesn't fit, Sue may be able to resize for you depending on the design and stones used. There may well be a charge involved due to the complexity of the design and for working with stones that where not supplied by Sue which may be difficult to work with. Contact Sue to discuss if it is possible and she can let you know the cost involved, including postage.

Not sure of your ring size?

If you are not sure of your ring size, please contact Sue. She can arrange your order and then post out a free ring sizer to you. You then simply call or email with the measurement.