In these difficult times....

March 20, 2020

Sue Lane contemporary jewellery designer.

Who would have thought a few months back we would all find ourselves in such difficult, worrying and turbulent times. Coronavirus has taken as all by surprise. I feel for each and everyone who is affected. I also feel incredibly fortunate to live and work in the rural isolation I do. I've been self-employed for 20 years and for the majority of that time have worked alone and enjoy it very much. For many, it is not a natural way of life, and I understand. 

Sunrise in Herefordshire

I am continuing to work and keep my routine as normal as possible. I am of course governed by the outside world, deliveries may take longer, and perhaps will stop, bullion dealers and the Assay Office all have a huge impact. So, it's "let's wait and see". I have no doubt we will all get through this together. I will continue to post on Instagram and Facebook, and keep you as updated as possible. 

Contemporary rings with my office dog

So, for now, my office dog (currently snoring away right beside me in blissful ignorance) and I hope you, your friends and family stay safe and well. 

I'm here in the studio making jewellery if you need me....

Diamond and gold necklace commission recently up-cycled from old family jewellery