Past jewellery collection rings for sale

August 19, 2011

Some customers have been asking for more details about the past collection pieces I mentioned in my News post,so here are some more images and info. I am not able to make the rings in other sizes  so I have listed the size with the price. If you would like to purchase any of the items before I take them to Hereford Arts Market, please contact me.

Silver and 18k gold ring with diamonds

Ring 1 (image 2): Silver and 18k gold ring with diamonds

Ring 2 (image 1): Silver and 9k gold ring

Ring 2 (image 2): Silver and 9k gold ring

Ring 3 (image 1): 9k gold ring

Ring 3 (image 2): 9k gold ring

  1. Silver and 18k gold with 2mm round diamond. 5 little diamonds set along the edge of the leave shape. The rings measures 6mm wide and 3mm in depth. Original price £370, now £ £195. Size M.
  2. Silver and 9k gold 2 band ring. The gold ring is polished and the silver ring is matt. It has 7 small diamonds set along the loop. The ring measures 5mm wide and 3mm in depth. Original price £450, now £230. Size M1/2.
  3. 9k yellow gold ring with a polished finish. This is a very chunky ring, the width is 5.5mm wide by 4mm in depth. It has a lovely weight of 12 grams. Original price £900 now £490. Size O.

Ring sizing

Standard designs

Sue makes rings to the size you select when ordering. If the ring does not fit, then she will re-size the ring free of charge (once only) providing:

  1. You (the customer) pay £9 to cover Royal Mail Special Delivery costs for returning the ring to you (can be paid online or via bank transfer).
  2. You (the customer) ensure it is returned within 14 days of delivery.

Please contact Sue before returning a ring for a re-size; it is so useful to have a discussion to help gauge how much adjustment is needed.

Please note: rings must be returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery and opting for the appropriate insurance option to cover the cost of the item. Sue Lane is not responsible for the delivery costs of returning a ring for re-sizing or for lost or damaged rings whilst in transit. For more details, please read our Returns Policy.

After 14 days: Sue will happily resize but at a cost based on the time needed to fulfil the work plus postage. Sue can quote for any work before you return the ring.

Commissioned designs

Any item made just for you, that is not one of Sue's standard designs: You (the customer) need to ensure the size is correct before Sue commences any work. If your order doesn't fit, Sue may be able to resize for you depending on the design and stones used. There may well be a charge involved due to the complexity of the design and for working with stones that where not supplied by Sue which may be difficult to work with. Contact Sue to discuss if it is possible and she can let you know the cost involved, including postage.

Not sure of your ring size?

If you are not sure of your ring size, please contact Sue. She can arrange your order and then post out a free ring sizer to you. You then simply call or email with the measurement.