Contemporary Engagement and Wedding Rings

March 21, 2011

contemporary and bespoke platinum and diamond wedding and enagement ring handmade by Sue Lane
Platinum and Diamond Wedding and Engagement Ring

I am thoroughly enjoying making wedding and engagement rings at the moment. May and July seem to be popular months to marry! I am currently working on several jewellery commissions for men and women who have been married many years but have lost or need a new wedding ring. I love hearing the stories behind each ring.

A number of rings I am making at the moment combine wedding and engagement rings into one ring.

Double band 18k gold and diamond wedding and engagement ring


modern engagement and wedding ring in one ring

I am regularly asked to remodel or make a new ring using clients own wedding or engagement rings. The ring below is an example where a client gave me her mothers', grandmothers' and mother in laws' wedding rings and commission me to make one new wedding ring for her! I kept the rings intact, just adjusted slightly to keep all the original engraving and hallmarks.

Bespoke commissioned wedding and engagement ring.


Contact Sue for more details about using your own jewellery to make a new piece.