Online tutorial 1: how to make a ring in 10 steps

January 10, 2011

I had an idea this morning! I thought I would do a Twitter jewellery tutorial. As you know Twitter allows just 140 characters per tweet, so my tutorial is in 10 easy Tweets and I used Twitpic to show the images. Here are the 10 steps...

1/10: Goggles on, mark 70mm onto silver wire, cut with the saw - gently does it and no pressure.

2/10: Prop silver against block, light gas torch, anneal (heat to dull red)

3/10: Quench in water, put in 'pickle'(weak acid) to remove oxide. Rinse in water and dry.

4/10: Use pliers to bend silver into a circle, ends must over lap.

5/10: Check it is the correct size, cut through both end with saw.

6/10: Use pliers to make ends meet smoothly and tightly.

7/10: Put ring on heat block, paint with flux, cut solder, place on join. Heat with torch.

8/10: File away excess solder, buff with sandpaper until join disappears.

9/10: Hammer on mandrel to make ring round and flat, and finally polish. Finished!

10/10: The finished ring!