Current collection of contemporary wedding and engagement rings

May 10, 2010

Many of my designs make beautiful contemporary engagement and wedding rings. I can tailor the design to your choice of metal, budget and size of diamond or stone. I work in silver, 18k gold and platinum. I offer a range of single band rings, set with diamonds and coloured stones. The ring below is platinum and diamond. See my online shop for more rings.



Unusual, unique, bespoke and modern platinum and diamond wedding and engagement ring commission. Handmade by contemporary designer maker Sue Lane Jewellery UK

My multiple band rings make perfect wedding and engagement rings all in one. Many people now prefer just one ring that is practical and comfortable to wear everyday.

Bespoke and modern chunky platinum double band wedding and engagement ring sets handmade by designer maker Sue Lane contemporary Jewellery, UK

Contemporary wedding and engagement ring in one!

Or perhaps you just want a wedding band but with a little sparkle too. Sometimes people choose this style because they feel the bands represent members of their family and the loop being significant in that it holds everything together. Contact me for a price for the ring below.

Bespoke and modern platinum and gold triple ring wedding and engagement ring set unique and handmade by designer maker Sue Lane contemporary Jewellery, UK
Three platinum bands permanently fixed together by a loop and set with a gold loop and 7 pave set diamonds 

Another option is to have triple bands, but they are not linked together so you still have the option to wear them separately. The diamond ring below can be worn beautifully on its own, with wedding bands either side, or just the bands alone. There are many combinations and options possible.

18k white and yellow gold ring with square diamond

Two bands worn together

Please get in touch if you would like more information regarding prices for the above ring as separate items. Take a look at my online shop to see more of the rings I make. Here are some new designs that will be available online soon, please get in touch for prices etc.

18k gold and diamond rings

Contemporary, unique, bespoke and modern platinum wedding ring, engagement ring, eternity ring, matt brushed finish. Handmade by Sue Lane in Herefordshire, UK

Platinum and diamond 2 band wedding and engagement ring

Modern and bespoke gold and white diamond stacking engagement and wedding ring set handed by contemporary jewellery designer Sue Lane, UK

18k gold ring and round white diamond engagement ring

Do contact Sue for more detail about your wedding and engagement ring ideas.