March 2012: Ian and Stella make their wedding rings

June 07, 2012

On Friday 16th March Ian and Stella joined me in the studio to make their wedding rings. As Ian is my brother-in-law and Stella his wife to be the day was even more enjoyable than usual! We even christened the rings with all the family and bottle of bubbly – which I can’t normally do with students! Ian and Stella made each other rings in 18k yellow gold. Here are some images from their day. 

18k yellow gold wire 

Getting started 

Using a sizer ring as a guide for the shape of the ring

Stella using half round pliers to form the ring 

Stella using the mallet to help form the ring 

The correct size

Cutting though the overlapping edges 

It really doesn’t matter what shape the rings are at this stage. 

The join is painted with borax and 2 pieces of solder balanced on top

Checking to ensure the size is just right 

Filling and cleaning up the rings 

Stella polishing

Ian applying polish to the mop head 

The happy couple! 

The finished rings!