March 2012: Ilse and Jan make their own wedding rings

June 07, 2012

On Saturday 10th March Ilse and Jan joined me to make their wedding rings. They really enjoyed the experience and where delighted with the two beautifully finished 18k white gold wedding rings that they made. Here are some images from their day with me in the studio.

Both Jan and Ilse made their rings from the same shape metal
so we began with one strip of 18k white gold.

Starting to shape the wire 

Taking a look

Saw piercing through the ring

The two rings ready to be soldered

Adding the solder with a very steady hand!

Adding the solder 


Hammering with a soft mallet to make the ring round

Ilse working at the bench 

Jan matting the ring

Two 18k white gold wedding rings, one matt and one shiny