February 2012: Kate and Tim Make Their Own Wedding Rings

June 07, 2012

On Friday 17th February, Kate and Tim joined me to make their wedding rings. Kate has lots of previous experience of making jewellery, so Tim had a lot of pressure! Kate made a 4mm wide palladium ring for Tim who made a 2mm platinum wedding ring for Kate. Both metals are worked slightly differently to gold and silver and require more work than usual to make them to a high standard.

By the end of the day both had made absolutely perfect rings, finished to a standard I would be happy to sell.

The original platinum and palladium before it is rolled to the required length. 

Kate rolling the metal 

The correct length

Annealing the palladium wire for 20 seconds. 

Shaping the wire into rings 

Cutting the metal

Before soldering 

Adding several pallions of solder 


Checking the size! 

Cleaning up the rings 

Making sure the size is correct

Polishing the platinum ring 

Matting the palladium ring

Platinum and palladium wedding rings