October 2011: Natasha and Ben make their own wedding rings

June 07, 2012

On Saturday 29th October Ben and Natasha joined me in the jewellery making studio to make their wedding rings. Although they had no previous experience of working in metal, they both made wonderful rings. They made each others, with Natasha making a 6mm 9k white gold band whilst Ben made a 2mm palladium band. It was really enjoyable day and over lunch we could compare chicken keeping experiences; so I learnt new things too!

Here are some images form their day:

9k white gold and palladium wire.

Using pliers to shape the metal into a ring shape.

Trying the rings to get the right size.

Made to the right size, and marked ready to cut with the piercing saw.

Adding solder to the ring.

Hammering the ring to make it round.

Filing and buffing the rings to remove any marks.

Will you marry me?

The finished rings, the palladium is polished while the white gold is matt.

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