May 2011: Silver chain making workshop

June 07, 2012

On Saturday 14th May, we had group of 3 students making silver chains. The possibilities in this workshop are endless, and often the hardest thing is deciding what you would like to make! We all really enjoyed the day, and the results were fantastic.

Wrapping the wire around a former to create the links

Snipping the links

All the links before soldering

Shaping the links, depending on your design

Soldering the end together

Helen hammered the links

Starting to take shape!

The finished chain, this one made by Helen

Bridget made a bracelet using the same process as above, but just slightly different

Bridget's linked bracelet

Trisha's design incorporated a twist to the links and a variety of different size links

Making the smaller links to gold everything together

Trisha's finished bracelet

Here are just a few samples from Georgina's sample sheet that you can do in just one day!