December 2010: Making Silver Christmas Presents

June 06, 2012

On a cold frosty Friday, just before Christmas I had a one to one jewellery making workshop with Laura who wanted to make three gifts for Christmas. Laura came well organised and had clear ideas about what she wanted to make, so we set about making. The day was very successful and she produced a beautiful silver and pearl bracelet, a pair of silver earrings with 18k gold granules and a silver brooch. A really enjoyable day, and I have received feedback that everyone loved the pieces too! I wish I had more images, particularly of the brooch, but time ran out...

Laura working at the bench.

Laura soldering the tiny components that make up the fastenings for the bracelet. Very fiddly but worth it.

A close up of soldering the bracelet ends.

Starting to put the bracelet together.

The completed bracelet.

Laura cut square shapes form sheet silver and then domed them slightly in the doming block.

To make the tiny gold granules Laura cut gold sheet and heated it until the gold melted and pulled into a ball.

The final work!