July 2010: Contemporary Silver Locket

June 06, 2012

On Saturday 24th July Bronwen Tyler Jones taught a locket making workshop, here at the studio. It was a great day, everyone had some experience of making jewellery already so were interested to find out more about hinges and catches. Everyone made a very nice finished piece, some students choosing to add more detail when they returned to their studio. Here are some images from the course.

Getting started, Bronwen demonstrates using the fly press to make the shapes.

One of the locket samples for students to follow and one halfway through.

Nadine, Rachel and Michelle preparing to press the silver forms.

The shapes are drawn around with a pen to help see the cutting line, and a lip is left to attach the hinge to.

Rachel exploring using letter punches within her design.

One of Bronwen's samples that students could make, including a simple hinge and clasp.

Tube is cut for the hinge, soldering 2 pieces to one side of the locket first, then soldering the 3rd tube to the other side of the locket. This can be a bit tricky!

Soldering the tube, using a piece of brass as a riser to get the hinge to just the correct height.

Soldered tubes in the correct position, now the locket is pickled to clean away the oxide that built up during soldering.

Crimping the hinge to hold the wire in place.

Nadine's finished locket.

Maxine's locket, she was going to add more decoration when she returned home, she was really interested to learn the skills and do the rest at home. I would love to see it when it is finished!

Inside is as good as out!

Michelle's locket.

Rachel put the detail inside and planned to add beading when she got home.