July 2010: Reticulation and Fusing Workshop

June 06, 2012

On Saturday 3rd July Georgina Franklin taught a workshop about reticulation and fusing. I am always interested to see what everyone is making, and therefore am always on hand to help out if needed! The jewellery course was very relaxed, making an enjoyable day, with everyone working on different projects. The day began with Georgina explaining the techniques and going through the many samples she had made, followed by a demonstration. It was then the students' chance to plan a design and get started. Here are the images from the day.


One of Georgina's samples that students could make. A fused silver ring.

A sample of lots of small pieces all fused together to make a pendant.

Lots of silver squares were cut with snips, layered out and fused. During fusing you get the lovely reticulated surface.

A reticulated silver sample.

Georgina demonstrating fusing, hence the bright red colours!

Annealing the silver between 5-6 times before heating to get the texture.

Wendy's piece on the soldering block ready to solder the granules in place.

Georgina had only just had an operation on her foot a few days before the workshop, hence the big foot and crutches! She was a star and coped really well.

Nadine fusing a piece of copper wire to reticulated silver.

Georgina showing different techniques.

Jerry making her necklace.

Wendy's finished pendant.

Nadine's reticulated silver hook earrings.

Nadine fused copper to a piece of reticulated silver and made a brooch fitting.

Jerry's pendant, including reticulation, granulation and soldering.